From Our Board Chair and CEO

Jay Winthrop, ChairmanJay WinthropLawrence A. Selzer, PresidentLawrence A. SelzerOur annual report highlights The Conservation Fund at its best—innovative, solution oriented and committed to addressing America’s most pressing conservation challenges. It also underscores that while we have much to be proud of, there is still a lot of work to do.

This past year was filled with unprecedented difficulties, and as we slowly move away from the worst of the pandemic, we must not forget the important lessons we learned. One of them is the critical role nature plays in nearly every aspect of our lives. From the food we eat and the water we drink, to the places we go to find solace—nature delivers. We are grateful to have opportunities to make a real difference on the ground and in people’s lives:

  • Accelerating progress on natural climate solutions to address climate change, protecting biodiversity and water quality, and reinvigorating rural economies through the protection of America’s last large, intact working forests. Our Working Forest Fund® is delivering tremendous results and is poised for significant growth.
  • Ensuring we are fully prepared to help implement the Great American Outdoors Act (GAOA), with its full and permanent funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, by increasing the ready capital in our Revolving Fund. Our Revolving Fund is the financial mechanism that allows us to move quickly to acquire critical conservation lands when opportunities arise, and we must scale up accordingly to meet the increased demand anticipated with passage of the GAOA.
  • Continuing to integrate equity, diversity and inclusion into our programs and across our organization, such as our work to protect African American historic sites like Fort Blakeley in Alabama, and to create new greenspaces in underserved communities in Atlanta, Georgia; Kansas City, Missouri; and Richmond, California.

During our first year of operation in 1985, we completed two conservation projects protecting 450 acres. By the end of 2020, we had completed 3,522 projects, conserving a total of more than 8.4 million acres across all 50 states valued at more than $7.3 billion. With an amazing staff and board, and outstanding partners and supporters, we are well positioned to build on this legacy. Together we will accelerate the conservation of America’s magnificent land legacy while providing equitable and just economic opportunities that support sustainable communities. Please join us.

  • Jay Winthrop, Chairman
    Jay Winthrop, Chairman
  • Lawrence A. Selzer, President
    Lawrence A. Selzer, President

In 2020...

Worked on 138 projects in 31 states and conserved over 187,000 acres valued at more than $317 million.

Our Working Forest Fund® acquired more than 94,000 acres of high conservation value forestland, facilitated the protection of nearly 1,100 acres under conservation easements and conveyed over 10,500 acres to long-term stewards.

Conserved 30,850 acres of farmland and ranchland as part of the total 187,000 acres conserved in 2020.

Received $38 million in private contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations.

Over 5,000 donors supported projects across the U.S., and 499 donors made regular monthly donations.

Disbursed 51 grants totaling $500,000 in private philanthropic funds and, in partnership with Livingstone College, reimbursed 81 groups for COVID- related food relief totaling more than $1.25 million in CARES Act funding.


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Investing in Forests to Fight Climate Change

At The Conservation Fund, we are fast-tracking efforts to prevent forest loss by working with public, private and nonprofit partners to secure 5 million acres of at-risk forests across the country over the next 10-15 years. While we wait for the development of new technologies for carbon capture, we are investing in America’s forests as one of the best and cleanest ways to combat climate change right now.

What are some of the benefits of protecting 5 million acres of forestland?

climate mitigation
Climate Mitigation
One billion MTCO2e will be secured and stored. The carbon stored in these forests is equivalent to the carbon emitted by burning more than a trillion pounds of coal.
economic opportunity
Economic Opportunity
Forestry and recreation economies will generate a total economic impact of approximately $5 billion.
clean water
Clean Water
Water for thousands of communities will be filtered, and approximately 6,500 miles of rivers and streams will be protected.
Stories of Climate Change Progress:
Chadbourne Tree Farm Maine
Chadbourne Tree Farm
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Minnesota’s Heritage Forest Minnesota
Minnesota’s Heritage Forest Minnesota
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Ensuring History Is Remembered and Communities Are Empowered

The following two stories represent our commitment to protecting lands important to America’s history and ensuring healthy outdoor spaces in underserved communities. We are working to ensure that our projects are evaluated and implemented in a manner that prioritizes access and equity.
Stories of Land Protection Progress:
highlight1 project1
Fort Blakeley
Read More >
Marlborough Greenspace Missouri
Marlborough Greenspace Missouri
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Funding the Future of Conservation in America

What do our conservation stories have in common? Forethought. We work strategically today so that current and future generations will be able to connect with and benefit from the natural world even as populations grow, the climate changes and development expands.

Our Revolving Fund revolves in and out of projects every two years on average, and this continues in perpetuity—conserving acre after acre.

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Examples of Our Innovative Finance Solution:
Grand Teton NP Wyoming
Grand Teton National Park Wyoming
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Berg Bay Alaska
Berg Bay
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Navajo River Watershed Colorado
Navajo River Watershed Colorado
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The Conservation Fund
has protected over
8.4 million acres

From Our CFO

John Gilbert
As Jay and Larry stressed in their opening letter, there is no time to waste in building a better and more sustainable future for all Americans. In 2020, The Conservation Fund delivered on that urgent vision despite formidable challenges from COVID-19:

  • We completed more conservation work as measured by total revenue than in any period in the Fund’s history. Thanks to the incredible efforts of our staff and the dedication of our conservation partners, our total revenues rose 18% despite the upheaval across our society due to COVID-19 and other 2020 challenges.

  • We successfully deployed almost all of our 2019 green bond proceeds and are on track to finish the initial slate of investments in 2021. In addition, some of the early project investments are already returning capital to the Fund that we can redeploy – demonstrating the unique multiplier effect of our Working Forest Fund.

  • We ended the year with a small net surplus of revenue after expenses.

And most importantly, we are positioned for the future. We resisted the temptation to reduce our organizational capacity during the worst of the COVID crisis, we have maintained a strong balance sheet and liquidity position, and we are ready and well prepared to extend our mission for conservation given our society’s focus on climate change and the increase in federal funding for land acquisition.

Thank you to all our partners, funders and staff who have made this possible.

jg sig
John Gilbert
Executive Vice President, CFO

Combined Statement of Activities
And Change In Net Assets

For the year ended December 31, 2020.
Real estate activities 2020 Total
Sales of conservation land to others 106,442
Contributions and grants 59,058
Investment and other program income 43,581
Land contributed for conservation 7,526
Contract income 13,309
Total real estate activities $229,916
Non-real estate activities 2020 Total
Contributions and grants 18,152
Investment and other program income 16,637
Contract income 4,502
Total non-real estate activities $39,291
Total support and revenue $269,207

Expenses 2020 Total
Real estate program expense 236,855
Non-real estate program expense 20,069
Management and general 6,421
Fundraising 3,514
Total Expenses $266,859

Change in Net Assets $2,348
Net Assets, End of Year $506,639

Sources of Funds - 202

(In Thousands)
Land sales 106,449
Corporate contributions and mitigation 56,207
Foundation contributions 25,522
Federal Grants 19,611
Carbon/Timber/Contract 17,581
State Grants 12,378
Other Contributions and Income 12,179
Individual Contributions 11,755
Land gifts 7,526

Uses of Funds - 2020

(In Thousands)
Real estate program expense 236,855
Non-real estate program expense 20,069
Management and general 6,421
Fundraising 3,514


Board of Directors


Board Chair

Jay Winthrop

Board Vice Chair

Jay F. Wagley

President and CEO

Lawrence A. Selzer
Julie G. Barker
Julie G. Barker
Gregory A. Barker
Gregory A. Beard
New York
David Bozeman
David P. Bozeman
Indy Burke
Indy Burke
Todd Carter
Todd J. Carter
J. Storey Charbonnet
J. Storey Charbonnet
Charles R. Cherington
Kimberlee R. Cornett
Kimberlee R. Cornett
Luis de la Garza
Paul E. Hagen
District of Columbia
Jennifer Hernandez
Jennifer L. Hernandez
G. Wilson Hughes
Jill Long Thompson
Jill L. Long Thompson
Thruston B. Morton III
North Carolina
Kevyn D. Orr
Kevyn D. Orr
District of Columbia
Charles Porter Schutt III
Daniel R. Tishman
Daniel R. Tishman
New York
James M. Whitehurst
North Carolina

Chairman Emeritus

Patrick F. Noonan

Director Emeritus

Gilbert M. Grosvenor

Director Emeritus

Kiku H. Hanes

[not pictured]

Director Emeritus

Hadlai A. Hull

Director Emeritus

Charles R. Jordan
[not pictured]

Director Emeritus

Hubert W. Vogelman


Collectively, our officers have more than 650 years of conservation experience.


Board Chair

Jay Winthrop

Board Vice Chair

Jay F. Wagley

President and CEO

Lawrence A. Selzer
Holly Cannon
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Richard L. Erdmann
Senior Counselor
John S. Gilbert
John S. Gilbert
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
William L. Allen, III
William L. Allen, III
Senior Vice President, Strategic Giving and Conservation Services
Mark W. Elsbree
Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisitions
Blaine T. Phillips Jr.
Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisitions
Kelly M. Reed
Kelly M. Reed
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
Matthew S. Sexton
Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisitions
Evan H. Smith
Senior Vice President, Conservation Ventures
Brian J. Dangler
Brian J. Dangler
Vice President, Director, Working Forest Fund
Thomas R. Duffus
Vice President and Northeast Representative
monica garrison
Monica Garrison
Vice President, Finance and Treasurer
Joseph A. Hankins
Vice President, West Virginia State Director
Ray Herndon
Ray Herndon
Vice President, Lower Mississippi and Gulf Coast Region, Conservation Acquisitions
Erik J. Meyers
Vice President, Climate and Water Sustainability
Mikki J. Sager
Vice President, Director, Resourceful Communities
Gates Watson
Gates M. Watson
Vice President, Montana and Northwest Director
David Williams
David Williams
Vice President, Technology and Chief Information Officer
Margaret A. McCants
Christopher Bell
Christopher Bell
Assistant Secretary and Deputy General Counsel
Elizabeth Engle
Assistant Secretary and Deputy General Counsel
Paul F. Hurt
Assistant Secretary and Deputy General Counsel
Jodi R. O'Day
Assistant Secretary and Deputy General Counsel
Scott M. Tison
Assistant Secretary and Regional Counsel
As of April 2021

Ambition We Proudly Shoulder—Honoring Our Founders in Retirement

Pat NoonanPat Noonan
Read Pat's Story >
Rich ErdmannRich Erdmann
Read Rich's Story >

Remembering the Legacy of
Two Conservation Heroes

Kiku Hanes

Elizabeth "Kiku" Hanes
1927 — 2021

On January 1, 2021, we lost one of the greatest champions of conservation, KiKu Hanes. She was one of the most active participants in great outdoor traditions—birding, hiking, hunting and fishing. Especially fishing. From Scotland to Iceland, Alaska to Argentina, she was a marvel with a fly rod. In fact, well into her 80s she and her older sister traveled every year to fish for sea-run brown trout in Patagonia, sending back pictures to Larry Selzer, our CEO, with no words, as the size of the fish was the only statement she needed to make.

KiKu was the paramount fundraiser at The Conservation Fund and a critical force in creating and building the strength of our Revolving Fund with our founder, Pat Noonan. With grace and humor, she taught countless people how to engage in the important work of conserving America’s great landscapes. She was passionate, persistent and utterly fearless. KiKu’s passing is a reminder to each of us that the opportunity to advance her legacy is a privilege we should honor and cherish.
Richard P. Mellon

Richard P. Mellon
1939 — 2020

Richard was born on May 19, 1939 and was the eldest son of the late Gen. Richard King Mellon and Constance Prosser Mellon—passionate conservationists who established the Pittsburgh-based Richard King Mellon Foundation. Richard was an avid outdoorsman and conservationist who had an enduring love for the natural environment.

For more than three decades the Richard King Mellon Foundation has been at the forefront of conservation in America—supporting the protection of over 4 million acres of the more than 8.4 million acres The Conservation Fund has protected across the country. The scale of sustained generosity from the Foundation has helped make extraordinary strides to bolster our Revolving Fund and protect places central to our country’s unique outdoor legacy—from Civil War Battlefields, to our last large intact working forests and the communities that rely upon them. Richard’s conservation leadership and vision has benefited all Americans.


National Office

(Arlington, VA)

Nina Balter
Research Manager

Madison Barbee
Legal Manager

Christopher Bell
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

Holly Cannon
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Mark Cason
Senior Government Relations Representative

Lily G. Engle
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

Richard L. Erdmann
Senior Counselor

Andrea Ferri
Real Estate Business Manager / Operations Manager, Conservation Loans

Hillina Fetehawoke
Accounting Manager

Monica Garrison
Vice President of Finance and Treasure

Kristie George
Graphic Designer

John S. Gilbert
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Melissa Goldbeck

Gretchen Hoffmann
Blog Manager

Minh Ho
Systems Administrator

Zhivko Illeieff
Senior Digital Strategist

Rachael Joiner
Regional Director of Fundraising, Northeast & Mid-Atlantic

Christina Jones
HR Specialist

Valerie Keefer
Media Relations Manager

Meg McCants
Conservation Acquisitions Director and Board Secretary

Raiza D. McCutchan
Payroll Manager and Treasury Administrator

Erik Meyers
Vice President

Jackson Moller
Conservation Finance Network Associate

Patrick F. Noonan
Chairman Emeritus

Liz Palmer, Director
HR and Administration

Ainsley M. Pittman
Director of Operations, Development

Kelly M. Reed
Senior Vice President of Government Relations

Bobbi Reierson
Annual Giving Manager

Helen Rogers
Program Manager, Conservation Finance Network

Andrew Schmidt
Senior Government Relations Representative

Melissa Schulz

Lawrence A. Selzer
President and CEO

Stacia Stanek
Senior Representative, Government Relations

Angelo Tan
Staff Acountant

Yetenayet (Yeti) Taye
Finance Manager

Wendy Taylor
Senior Director of Strategic Giving

Scott M. Tison
Regional Counsel

Ngozi Ugwu
Senior Grants Accountant

Eric Wuestewald
Digital Content Marketing Manager

Leigh Whelpton
Program Director, Conservation Finance Network

Lesley White-Kayser
Director of Systems

David Williams
Vice President of Technology and Chief Information Officer

Conservation Acquistion Directors

Mark Elsbree
Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition

Blaine Phillips
Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Matthew Sexton
Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition


Brad A. Meiklejohn
Senior Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Glenn Elison
Alaska Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Christopher Little
Alaska State Associate, Conservation Acquisition

John Wros
Real Estate Associate, Conservation Aquisition


Kirste Kowalsky
Arizona Field Representative, Conservation Aquisition


Evan H. Smith
Senior Vice President, Conservation Ventures

Steve Hobbs
California State Director

Lauren A. Fety
Forest and Climate Project Manager

Olivia Fiori
Forest Technician

Benjamin Fryer
Northern California Project Manager

Chris Kelly
California Project Manager

Derek Ostensen
California Project Manager

Scott Kelly
Timberlands Manager

Lynsey Kelly
GIS specialist

Ryan Klausch

Holly Newberger
North Coast Program Coordinator

Barbara W. Ortega

Blake Tallman
Forest Technician

Jordan Wills
Conservation Associate


Whitney Flanagan
Marketing and Communications Director

Kelly Ingebritson
Colorado and Western Project Manager

Christine Quinlan
Colorado Associate State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Thomas T. Macy
Western Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Elizabeth Slokar
Office Manager

Justin Spring
Colorado State Director, Conservation Aquisition


Blaine Phillips
Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition


Matthew Sexton
Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Lauren Day
Florida State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Todd McNew
Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Andrew Schock
Georgia and Alabama State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Kelsi Eccles
Urban Conservation Communications, Parks with Purpose

Stacy Funderburke
Regional Counsel and Georgia and Alabama Associate State Director

Shannon Lee
Senior Major Gifts Officer, Southeast

Roberta Moore
Conservation Associate, Conservation Acquisition

Krisztian Varsa
Working Farms Fund Associate


Mark Elsbree
Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition


Emy Brawley
Great Lakes Regional Director, Conservation Acquisitions


Ray S. Herndon
Vice President, Lower Mississippi and Gulf Coast Region, Conservation Acquisition

Sarah Howard
Central Gulf Region Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Ginevera Moore
Kansas State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Jennifer Blattman
Midwest Conservation Associate, Conservation Acquistion


Thomas Duffus
Vice President and Northeast Representative

Brian Schneider
Forest Operations Manager, Working Forest Fund


Bill Crouch
Maryland State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Carmera Thomas
Director, Urban Conservation Initiatives

Jennifer R. McNulty
Office Manager/Legal Assistant

Amelia Matthews
Transaction Specialist

Jodi R. O’Day
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Assistant Secretary


Peg Kohring
Midwest Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Michael T. Kelly
Director, Great Lakes Office, Conservation Acquisition

Lauri Lindquist
Midwest Office Project Assistant

Remy Long
Midwest Program Associate


Kim Berns-Melhus
Minnesota State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Clint Miller
Central Midwest Project Director, Conservation Acquisition

Emilee S. Nelson
Minnesota Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Gates Watson
Montana and Northwest Director, Conservation Acquisition

Gary Sullivan
Senior Field Representative, Montana & Northern Great Plains


Mike Ford
Nevada and Southwest Director, Conservation Acquisition

New Hampshire

Reggie Hall
Director, Conservation Loans

Sally Manikian
Vermont/New Hampshire Representative 

North Carolina

Justin Boner
North Carolina Director, Conservation Acquisition

Claire Cooney
Director of Development

Bill Holman
North Carolina State Director

Erin Crouse
Project Manager, Conservation Acquisition

Paul F. Hurt
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

Michael Leonard
Senior Advisor

Carolyn McCoy
Senior Paralegal

David Proper
Urban Program Director, Conservation Acquisition

Resourceful Communities Headquarters (NC)

Mikki Sager
Vice President and Director, Resourceful Communities

Kathleen Marks
North Carolina Director, Resourceful Communities

Monica McCann
Associate Director, Resourceful Communities

Tatia Ash
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities

Margaret Conrad
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities

Jaimie McGirt
Faith & Food Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Olivia Percoco
Community Food Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Justine Post
Faith & Food Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Donna F. Pratt
Operations Director, Resourceful Communities

Conservation Services, National Headquarters (NC)

William L. Allen
Senior Vice President, Strategic Giving & Conservation Services

Working Forest Fund, National Headquarters (NC)

Brian Dangler
Vice President, Director, Working Forest Fund

Colin Carroll
Forest Analyst, Working Forest Fund

Ermine Cupid-Hastings
Finance Manager, Working Forest Fund

Kevin Harnish
Manager, Portfolio Analysis, Working Forest Fund

Bethany Olmstead
Director, Conservation, Working Forest Fund

Jenna Schreiber
Forest Operations Manager, Working Forest Fund

Buck Vaughan
Director, Forestry, Working Forest Fund

Lindsay White
Land Protection Specialist, Working Forest Fund


Kyle Shenk
Northeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Ann Simonelli
Media Relations Director

South Carolina

Jason Johnson
South Carolina State Director, Conservation Acquisition


Ralph Knoll
Tennessee Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Callie Hastings Easterly
Regional Director of Fundraising, Gulf Coast & Southwest

Andy Jones

Senior Project Manager, Conservation Acquisition

Alyssa (Aly) Kirk
Conservation Acquisitions Data Specialist

Julie Shackelford
Texas State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Roberta Zwier
Director, Mitigation


Heather Richards
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Natasha Skelton
Virginia Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition

West Virginia

Joseph A. Hankins
Vice President, Vice President, West Virginia State Director

Michael Schwartz
Senior Environmental Associate, Freshwater Institute

Conservation Leadership Network, National Headquarters (WV)

Margarita Carey
Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network

Freshwater Institute National Headquarters (WV)

Brian Vinci
Director, Freshwater Institute

Laura J. Bailey

Project Engineer, Freshwater Institute

Abhinav Choudhury
Environmental Engineer, Freshwater Institute

Shanen A. Cogan
Facilities Manager, Freshwater Institute

Curtis Crouse
Research Support Specialist, Freshwater Institute

John W. Davidson III
Senior Research Scientist, Freshwater Institute

Christopher Good
Director of Aquatic Veterinary Research, Freshwater Institute

Christine Lepine
Research Associate, Freshwater Institute

Travis May
Aquaculture Production Manager, Freshwater Institute

Natalie Monacelli
Water & Environmental Chemistry Lab Manager, Freshwater Institute

Megan Murray
Environmental Laboratory Technician, Freshwater Institute

Michael Schwartz
Senior Environmental Associate, Freshwater Institute

Kata Sharrer
Engineering Technician, Freshwater Institute

Scott Tsukuda
Director of Operations, Freshwater Institute

Wendy Wilson
Project Accountant, Freshwater Institute

Natural Capital Investment Fund Headquarters (WV)

Marten Jenkins
President and CEO, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Nicholas Allen
Senior Staff Accountant, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Rosalind L. Black
Senior Vice President and Director of Finance, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Lauren Elliott
NCIFund Staff Accountant, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Sonja Jewell Kelley
Program Manager, West Virginia Women’s Business Center

Carolyn Koldos
Administrative Assistant, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Nora T. Myers, Director
West Virginia Women’s Business Center, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Kristen Doss
Women’s Business Center Advisor, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Kevin O'Connor
Senior Business Lender - West Virginia, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Hannah Vargason
Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Justin White
Business Lender - West Virginia, Natural Capital Investment Fund


David Grusznski
Program Director, Greenseams Program

Allen Patterson
Program Associate

Lindsey Walker
Program Assistant, Greenseams Program


Dan Schlager
Wyoming State Director


Our Supporters

The Conservation Fund gratefully acknowledges the gifts made by the following corporations, foundations, individuals and organizations. With your support, we have saved over 8 million acres of America’s treasured lands and waterways since 1985.

Estate Gifts

  • Joanne M. Ball
  • Virginia Bernice Bertram
  • Elmer J. Dreher
  • John K. Greene
  • Melva Hackney
  • Sue Hillier
  • John M. Kauffmann
  • James M. Majusiak
  • Arthur E. Ullrich

$1 Million +

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Great Outdoors Colorado
  • The Estate of John K. Greene
  • The JPB Foundation
  • Knobloch Family Foundation
  • Mt. Cuba Center Inc.
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Richard King Mellon Foundation
  • Timothy D. Sweeney
  • T.L.L. Temple Foundation

$500,000 - $999,999

  • The Allerton Foundation
  • BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina Foundation
  • Oak Foundation
  • Fred and Alice Stanback Jr.
  • U-Haul International
  • Virginia Outdoors Foundation

$100,000 - $499,999

  • Anonymous (3)
  • American Licorice Co.
  • BlackRock Inc.
  • Brunckhorst Foundation
  • Mary Catherine Bunting
  • The Cannon Foundation Inc.
  • Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  • Chesapeake Conservancy
  • Chicago Community Trust
  • C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • Delaware Wild Lands Inc.
  • Dell Technologies
  • Delmarva Ornithological Society
  • The Dow Chemical Co.
  • Eagle Valley Land Trust
  • Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
  • Grand Victoria Foundation
  • Home Park Neighborhood Community Improvement Association
  • Jackson Hole Land Trust
  • Joseph Duke and Jennifer Johnson
  • The Lumpkin Family Foundation
  • McKnight Foundation
  • The Meadows Foundation
  • Joan Mukherjee
  • National Park Foundation
  • The Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund
  • New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  • N.I.E. LLC
  • Pisces Foundation
  • Rock River Capital Co. LLC
  • Sensing Enterprises
  • Robert and Elizabeth Shaw
  • Spring Point Partners
  • Surdna Foundation Inc.
  • TennGreen
  • Virginia Land Conservation Foundation
  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
“Land conservation feels like it has a more permanent impact than other means to support nature. The environmental impact is tangible. I can see it on a map. I can visit it. And I know that I’m helping make a difference. I give monthly to The Conservation Fund because it’s a priority to me. Like saving for retirement, it’s something that I want to make sure I do consistently.”

Kevin Zentmeyer, Colorado

$50,000 - $99,999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • The Estate of Virginia Bernice Bertram
  • The Bunting Family Foundation
  • Cross Charitable Foundation
  • Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
  • Fair Play Foundation
  • Marshall Field V
  • Gates Family Foundation
  • Georgia Power Foundation
  • Greater Houston Community Foundation
  • The Hugh Kaul Foundation
  • Stan R. Justice
  • Justin Brooks Fisher Foundation
  • The Estate of John M. Kauffmann
  • Frances Kennedy
  • The Laverack Family Foundation
  • Gail M. Lipovsky
  • Lux Foundation Inc.
  • Lyndhurst Foundation
  • The Estate of James M. Majusiak
  • Thruston Morton III and Patricia Morton
  • Turner Foundation Inc.
  • David and Rachel Weidman

$10,000 - $49,999

  • Anonymous (5)
  • Abenaki Timber Corp.
  • Amorepacific US Inc.
  • David H. Anderson
  • Woodrow D. Anderson
  • Michael and Susan Arneson
  • Julie G. Barker
  • Joel S. and Anna V. Bauman
  • Gregory A. and Laurie A. Beard
  • Beaverdale Foundation
  • Riley and Susan Bechtel
  • Roger A. Bell
  • Eva Benda
  • Stephen P. and Anne S. Bent
  • Barry and Martha Berlin
  • Charles and Barbara Birdsey
  • James Bodner and Victoria Greenfield
  • David and Dawn Bozeman
  • The BPB & HBB Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenton R. Brown
  • Matthew Brown and Sandra Lopez
  • Judith M. Buechner
  • The Burt's Bees Greater Good Foundation
  • Central Indiana Community Foundation
  • Gordon Chaffee and Nancy Kedzierski
  • J. Storey Charbonnet
  • Charles Reed Cherington and Ashley S. Pettus
  • William Chudd and Gretchen Hoffmann
  • Melissa Ann Cole
  • Conservation Trust for North Carolina
  • The Cook Family Foundation
  • Elaine Crocker
  • Dallas and Louise Anderson Foundation
  • Robert and Jennifer Dix
  • Earl M. & Margery C. Chapman Foundation
  • William C. Eisenhauer
  • Marcy and Gene Elsbree
  • Felburn Foundation
  • David Garcia
  • Robert A. and Joyce Gay
  • Greater Baybrook Alliance
  • The Guardians of Martin County
  • The Estate of Melva Hackney
  • Hancock Natural Resource Group Inc.
  • Harrison and Nancy Buck Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation
  • Vaughan H. Hedrick
  • The Estate of Sue Hillier
  • Horizon Foundation
  • Wilson and Nancy Hughes
  • David Jenkins
  • The Kay Family Foundation
  • Nicholas Lapham
  • Benjamin S. Levin
  • John W. Madigan
  • Judith Mancheski
  • Greg McCourt
  • Marian Brownlee S. McKee
  • The Mary Alice and Bennett Brown Foundation Inc.
  • The McCausland Foundation
  • Ruth C. Mead
  • Mighty Arrow Family Foundation
  • Richard P. and Cheryl B. Moxley
  • The Nathan P. Jacobs Foundation
  • Donald C. Newcomb
  • Noblelight Foundation
  • The North Face
  • The Ocean Foundation
  • Overhills Foundation
  • Barbara E. Parish and Gary Roberts
  • The Partnership Foundation
  • Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
  • Bonnie Pence
  • Vaso Petsagourakis
  • Scott and Genie Randell
  • Sandy and James Ressler
  • David G. Ritchey
  • The Robertson Foundation
  • Mr. Olof Röstlund and Dr. Emily Röstlund
  • Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust
  • Raffaele Savi
  • Nancy G. Schaub
  • S.D. Trombetta Foundation
  • Eleanor R. Seaman
  • Seattle Boat Co.
  • William R. and Barbara A. Snell
  • The Stokes Family
  • Suggs Family Foundation
  • Andrew Tanber and Alex Garcia
  • Amelia C. Tate
  • TC Energy—U.S. Liquids Operations
  • Teton Regional Land Trust
  • Owen D. and Jennifer B. Thomas
  • TIF Foundation Fund
  • Tillotson-Menlo Charitable Foundation
  • Tim and Karen Hixon Foundation
  • Daniel and Sheryl Tishman
  • Treasured Lands Foundation
  • Truist
  • Trull Foundation
  • Turner Foundation Inc.
  • USDA Forest Service
  • US Endowment for Forestry and Communities
  • Paul J. Volpe
  • Richard and Martha Wagner
  • The Wallace Genetic Foundation
  • Waste Connections of Alaska
  • The William Penn Foundation
  • Kendrick R. Wilson III
  • Wilson Family Foundation
  • Winkler Family Foundation
  • Jay and Louisa Winthrop
  • Chris and Lisa Young
  • John P. and Paulette S. Young
  • Scott and Samantha Zinober
“My greatest hope is for The Conservation Fund and other organizations to continue to find ways to protect nature and slow climate change with greater speed and support. I want my stepchildren, nieces and nephews, and their children to feel the amazement and peace I have felt through my experiences in nature.”

Patti Lutz, Maryland

$5,000 - $9,999

  • Anonymous (4)
  • Elisabeth F. Allen
  • Anne H. Averett
  • Bay Area Community Foundation
  • Richard Bennink and Virginia Murray
  • Robert F. Bonnie
  • Elizabeth S. Bowles
  • Christian Brown
  • Brown Family Foundation
  • Michael Bryant
  • Burdette Family Foundation
  • Todd and Susan Carter
  • Stanley D. and Susan B. Casto
  • Ray and Marian Christensen
  • ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.
  • Consumers Energy Foundation
  • Gregory and Mary Jo Cote
  • Cox Enterprises Inc.
  • Chris T. and Rosa M. Dailey
  • Danem Foundation
  • Davis Conservation Foundation
  • Gilbert E. and Ruth L. Dix
  • Arthur and Alice Domby
  • The Estate of Elmer J. Dreher
  • Louisa C. Duemling
  • Equilibrium Capital Group LLC
  • Joseph and Marie Field
  • Carol S. and Bruce L. Flax
  • Jonathan W. Ford
  • Genesis Energy
  • Suzanne George
  • Anthony C. Gilbert and Laurel Wroten Gilbert
  • Russell Goldenberg
  • James P. Griffith Jr.
  • Jason and Anne-Marie Grim
  • Paul Hagen and Christine Jahnke
  • Jessie M. Harris
  • M. E. Harrison
  • Jennifer L. Hernandez
  • Highpointers Foundation
  • Margaret M. Hixon
  • M. Diane Holm
  • Susan and William Honaker
  • Martin and Jennie Huber
  • Ronald Kahn and Julia Rowe
  • Richard Kegley
  • Mavis P. and Wendy W. Kelsey
  • William C. Kirgan
  • Thomas Klitgaard
  • Michael J. Kuta
  • Kirk C. and Kathleen E. Leadbetter
  • Live Oak Foundation
  • Louden Family Foundation
  • Michael B. Lowe
  • Stuart Lustig
  • Terry and Constance Marbach
  • MGM Resorts International
  • The Milton and Beatrice Wind Foundation
  • Momentum Group
  • MTE Fund
  • Barbara A. Mullin
  • MZ Wallace
  • David Nachman and Amy Schulman
  • Naylor Family Foundation
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Noonan
  • Charles E. Olsson
  • Peter and Jennifer Ordentlich
  • Charles J. Orella
  • John W. Owens
  • Carol A. Paterson
  • Charles B. Pendleton
  • Sally Pian and Ira Silverman
  • David J. Piazza
  • PremiereTV Inc.
  • Jacqueline Ratner
  • Robert and Bobbie Ritchie
  • Richard and Juanita Ritland
  • Taylor Rusk
  • Preston Rylee
  • Mikki Sager
  • James and Janna Shennan
  • E. LaVerne Smith and Rick Trois
  • Robert and Joanne Solem
  • Jan K. Speth
  • Tom T. and Joyce Stegman
  • Charles R. Stirrat
  • Strausman Family Fund Inc.
  • Thomas and Elizabeth Stults
  • William and Shirley Suter
  • Don Swenholt and Kristina Harper
  • Russell Thomas Jr.
  • The Tides Foundation
  • TisBest Philanthrophy
  • The Estate of Arthur E. Ullrich
  • Virginia Environmental Endowment
  • Matthew Whelan
  • Michael Whitehill
  • Ryan Wise and Leslie Brunner
  • Thomas F. Yohe
  • Anthony F. and Sally A. Zunino
“I strongly believe in The Conservation Fund’s mission and am always impressed by the organization’s engagement in diverse and impactful work. Since my current job is not directly involved in environmental activism, my contribution to The Conservation Fund is my way of giving to a cause I am passionate about.”

Ai Yamanaka, New York

$1,000 - $4,999

  • Anonymous (10)
  • Katharine Abraham and Graham Horkley
  • Jeremy Abrams
  • Daniel Abramzon
  • Peter W. Ackerman
  • Robin Adams
  • Admiral Real Estate Services Corp.
  • Nicholas Agar-Johnson
  • John C. Ager
  • Shir Aharon
  • The Alaska Community Foundation
  • Daniel S. Albert
  • Jessica F. Albert
  • William Algoso
  • Casey Allare
  • William and Tiffany Allen
  • Justin Almeleh
  • Matthew S. Amatruda
  • AmazonSmile Foundation
  • John K. and Sharon B. Amdall
  • Judith and Roger Anderson
  • Mary E. Anderson
  • Ruth E. Anderson
  • Aranoff Keiki Fund
  • Brooke B. Ashforth
  • John and Elizabeth Augenblick
  • Christy Austermann
  • Phillipa Avery
  • Robert and Margaret Ayres
  • Brett Babin and Vanessa Heckman
  • Charles and Marianne Baeurle
  • Sam E. Baker Jr.
  • Girish K. Balakrishnan
  • Ray B. Baldwin
  • Jason Bandlow
  • Dan Barnett
  • Kathleen P. Barrett
  • Allison and Daniel Baskes
  • James W. and Colleen B. Beach
  • Ashley Beall
  • James W. Bear
  • Martin and Jay Beard-Coles
  • Beauty 21 Cosmetics Inc.
  • David E. Becher
  • Randy J. Becker
  • Brian Beitner
  • Kristin Bell
  • Paul F. and Henrietta B. Bente
  • Joel M. Berlinsky
  • Dr. and Mrs. A. David Bernanke
  • Joseph M. Bestic
  • Sergio Betancourt
  • Nathan and Helaine Betnun
  • Catherine Bettcher and Praveen Dayalu
  • Edwina Bhaskaran
  • Raymond and Jean Bills
  • M. J. and E. L. Bishopp
  • Michael Bishopp
  • Lewis Black
  • Douglas Bland
  • Robert J. Bocko
  • Michael Bomar
  • Michael Bonner
  • Shelley Bonomi
  • Clifford and Pearl Bove
  • Ms. and Mr. Robin Boyer
  • Jayson and Mandy Boyers
  • Sue and George Brandt
  • Lisa A. Brenskelle
  • Bristol Bay Native Corp.
  • Kathryn Brown
  • Matthew D. Brown
  • Gail Browne
  • Douglas A. Brucker
  • Bruckner and Luzietti Family
  • Josie B. Bumgarner
  • James L. and Nancy V. Burns
  • Jonathan J. and Josephine B. Bush
  • Robert O. and Ellen L. Bussey
  • James and Sandie Cain
  • Holly Cannon and John Guttmann
  • Stephen Cannon
  • Richard and Kathleen Carande
  • Jeffrey S. and Linda L. Carbiener
  • Eric Carlton
  • David K. Carrington
  • Kathleen C. Chambers
  • Stacy Chance
  • Gregory F. Chapados
  • Elizabeth M. Cheatham
  • Eric and Suzanne Cheek
  • Dave Chen
  • Brian and Sally Chess
  • Christofer Chiappa and Keila Blanco
  • Michelle Cihla
  • Lori C. Clark
  • Sarah G. Colley
  • Christina I. Collins
  • Linda Benedict Colvin
  • Mark D. Comfort
  • Lynne J. Cooper
  • Michael Corcoran
  • Gina M. Cornick
  • Glenn Courtney and Kimberly Olson
  • George M. Covington
  • Carol G. Craig
  • Peter C. Crary
  • Karen Crennan and Allen Toman
  • Christian Crowley
  • Scott and Renae Croy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Culatta
  • Rebecca P. Cummings
  • James F. Curtis III
  • Kanett Curtis
  • Louis Dachis
  • Daffy's Foundation
  • Peter Dahlberg
  • Robert A. Dahnke
  • Brian Dangler
  • Judy Danish and Miles Greenbaum
  • Nicholas Danoff
  • Michael J. Dart
  • Pam Davis
  • Luis A. de la Garza
  • David De Sousa
  • Mark Dean
  • Michael Degitz and Ann Gallagher
  • Judith L. DeGraaff
  • Joel Deitz and Barbara Berko
  • Jodi Dell
  • Claiborne P. Deming
  • Robert Dennis
  • Yagnesh Desai
  • Sunita Deshmukh
  • John and Nancy DeVore
  • Harkrishan Dewal
  • Joshua S. Dezube
  • Nirmala Dharmaraja
  • The Dickson Foundation Inc.
  • Kay M. Diederich
  • Charles and Gene Dilks
  • Nick and Martina Dilks
  • Sara A. DiVall
  • Brad Dobski
  • Carly M. Donahue
  • Michael J. Doring
  • Kenneth and Catherine Dow
  • Janet and Jonathan Dowell
  • William Downie
  • James A. Doyle
  • Clay and Hayley Dukes
  • Debra Duncan and William Tito
  • Ronald A. Duncan
  • Ann and John Dunning
  • William and Nancy Durkee
  • Callie Hastings Easterly
  • Walt Ebell and Dianna Gentry
  • Karen Eberwein
  • Corry and Rochelle Edwards
  • Teon E. Edwards
  • David Eikenberry
  • Stephen and Marilyn Elbert
  • Glenn and Denice Elison
  • Emkay Inc.
  • Brian Epstein and Eugenia Chan
  • John D. and Kristina K. Epstein
  • Richard L. Erdmann and Dawn MacPhee
  • Erna and Isaac Stern Foundation Inc.
  • Douglas I. Evans
  • Paul B. Evans
  • William B. Fagan
  • Fanwood Foundation - Western Office
  • Steven B. Farmer
  • Michael Fedele
  • Jeff Fedler
  • Carol Fendler
  • Kimberlee Fenn
  • Andrew and Kathleen Ferreira
  • Laura Field
  • Lore Florin
  • Mike Ford
  • Foundation for Health Leadership & Innovation Inc.
  • Matthew L. Fox
  • Lucas Francl
  • Spencer Frasher
  • Lisa S. Freed
  • Gene and Jennifer Fridland
  • Jonathan L. Friedman
  • G. William Walker Charitable Trust
  • Patrick Gaffney
  • Matthew and Katrina Galen
  • Joyce and Roy Gamse
  • Roy Garrigus
  • Ron and Debbie Garrow
  • Marc A. Garufi
  • General Communication Inc.
  • Susan Gerngross
  • John and Lynn Gilbert
  • Jim and Lucia Gilliland
  • Steven Gingher
  • Michael P. Gjelsten
  • Edward T. Gohr
  • Ann Goldenberg
  • Gorlitz Foundation
  • Manuel D. and Laura C. Goty
  • Richard Greenberg
  • Maria Greig-Williams
  • Mark E. Griffin
  • Elise Gudeman
  • Bhavdeep and Dolly Gupta
  • Mary Lou Guttmann
  • Melissa M. Hack
  • Glenn D. Haight
  • Leif C. Halverson
  • Jane M. Hamilton
  • Jerry R. Hansen
  • Noble M. Hansen III
  • Bryn and Nicole Harder
  • John Hardman
  • Scott and Susan Hareland
  • John A. and Lynne A. Harris
  • David Harrison and Joyce Millen
  • Mark A. Hart and Heather K. Hart
  • Sarah Hart
  • Peggy J. Harwood
  • Alan Haselhorst and Melissa Stanza
  • Jeremy Heater
  • Larry T. Hegland
  • David T. Heiser
  • Thomas and Nancy Hendrix
  • Donald E. Henninger
  • Herman Foundation
  • Veronica Herndon and Ron Frehm
  • Frederick C. Herzog and Marla J. Mercer
  • Jacob Y. Hesterman
  • Andrew Hetrick
  • Selena Hiett
  • Matthew Hildebrandt
  • Sam L. Hill
  • Robert and Cynthia Hillas
  • Timothy H. Hillas
  • Ryan Hines
  • Alexander Hinz
  • Josh Hirschhorn
  • Andrew Hopkins and Eliza Hirst
  • Steve, Michelle and Madison Hobbs
  • Craig Hodges
  • Mina M. Hohlen
  • William E. Holman
  • Pieter Hondius
  • Amy Futa Horn
  • Michael A. Housley
  • James and Wendy Howells
  • Wilson Hsieh and Mingqian Huang
  • Frederick and Jillian Hubbell
  • Brian C. Huberty
  • John G. Huddleston
  • Adam and Patricia Hunninghake
  • Michael Huxsol
  • Rhonda Hyder and Justin Moats
  • John Iarocci
  • Pamela Indeck
  • John and Marlene Ingebritson
  • Jeffrey E. Irwin
  • Amberlee E. Isabella
  • Robert Julian Jackson
  • Gordon M. Jacobsen
  • LouAnn Jacobson and Robert Ball
  • Robert J. James
  • Tory R. Jaskoviak
  • David and Cheryl Jensen
  • Georgia Jeppesen and Skylar Jeppesen Benedict
  • Scott J. Jepsen
  • JL Local LLC
  • Melissa John
  • Philip Johnson
  • Thad and Suzy Johnson
  • David and Carolyn Johnston
  • The Joseph and Anna Gartner Foundation
  • Jupiter Island Residents Association
  • Eric and Cindy Kalman
  • Dale S. Kammerlohr
  • Collin Karafa
  • Susan B. Karches
  • Dave Karp
  • Robert and Lisa Kazden
  • John L. Keane
  • Steven Keirn
  • Andy and Diana Kelly
  • Christopher G. Kelly Jr.
  • Emily W. Kelly
  • Richard and Mary Kelly
  • Martin Kern
  • Rich and Denise Kerns
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Key
  • Keyes-Salut Family Fund
  • Robert S. Killebrew Jr.
  • Jerry Kilpatrick and Patricia Orlosky
  • Kathy Kirschner and Bob Novak
  • Jeff and Judy Kirwan
  • Kris and Jill Klein
  • Shelley Klop
  • Ralph Knoll and Kim Barber
  • Melantha L. Kordus
  • Jana Korim
  • Margaret Kratz
  • David Krinsky and Augusta Ridley
  • Thomas N. Kyle Sr.
  • Dennis and Kristen LaCroix
  • Eseng Lai
  • Victoria Lai
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Laird Jr.
  • Thomas Lampron
  • Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Lang
  • Norwood and Erna Langdon
  • Joseph Langhenry
  • Robert D. and Esther M. Langley
  • Martha B. Langrehr
  • Anne A. Laumont
  • Gordon Lawrence
  • Karen Lawrence
  • Joseph Leaman
  • Legatus Foundation
  • Douglas Leith
  • Brian M. Leitner
  • William and Christine Lennon
  • Michael and Michelle Leonard
  • Quinn Leventhal
  • Josh P. Leviker
  • Jim and Jane Levitt
  • Jeffrey and Nicole Lewis-Oakes
  • Herbert Ley
  • Michael Lidell and Jill Merrill
  • Martha and Carl H. Linder III
  • Linea Solutions Inc.
  • Robert Litzke
  • Christine and Dan Long
  • Jennifer and Jason Love
  • James Lovell
  • Jim Lovell and Adelle Treakle
  • Stephen Luebkert
  • Lundberg Family Farms
  • Charles and Carly Lusky
  • Lyme Forest Fund LP
  • Lyondell Chemical Co.
  • James and Karen MacFarland
  • Helen B. Malone
  • Michelle A. Manzo
  • Randall P. Mariger
  • Constance A. Marks
  • Samuel Marquis Jr.
  • Spencer S. and Elizabeth H. Marsh
  • Marsh & McLennan Agency LLC, CA
  • Barry Martin and Lee Nettke-Martin
  • Emanuel Martin
  • Lisa Martin
  • Mary K. Martin
  • Pedro and Carol Martinez
  • The Marxe Family Foundation
  • Stephanie Mason
  • Richard Mathieson
  • Yvonne Mattson
  • James J. McAnelly
  • Mark D. McBride
  • Lindsey McCann
  • Brian F. McCarthy
  • Charles N. and Carol L. McCullough
  • Ronan McCullough
  • George J. McDowell
  • George McKenna
  • Katherine A. McKittrick
  • Charles McMichael and Lucinda Crabtree
  • Dennis and Barbara McNeely
  • Linda C. McPherson
  • Brad Meiklejohn
  • Anju Menon
  • Daniel Merced
  • Audrey Mertes
  • M. Sheila Merritt & Robert D. Mass Family Fund
  • J. Frederick Merz Jr.
  • Erik and Claire Meyers
  • Timothy I. and Karen A. Michel
  • Harold L. Miller
  • Katharine M. Miller
  • Katherine N. Miller
  • Krista Miller
  • William C. Miller IV
  • Michael and Kelley Mills
  • Brett Moberg
  • Andrew Moir
  • Montana Association of Land Trusts
  • Ginevera K. Moore and Mark W. McGrory
  • William and Mary Moore
  • Georgina A. Moreno
  • Andrea and Matthew Morrison
  • Jim Morrison
  • Michael and Mary Morrow
  • Neil J. Morse
  • Bruno J. Moschetta
  • Anthony and Michelle Munkholm
  • Tiffany Murdoch
  • David and Linda Murphy
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  • Julia B. Murray
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  • Paul Nagai
  • Patricia Z. Nanian
  • Kalpana Nathan
  • National Geographic Society
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  • Randy and Carol Nees
  • Mark C. Nelson
  • Meg Nguyen
  • Aileen Nicoletti
  • Clara Nussbaum
  • Constance Nutt
  • Ocean Ledges Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Greg F. Ohanesian and Judy L. McLaughlin
  • Liam O'Kane
  • Karen Oles and Peter Gal
  • Ken Olin
  • John C. Oliver III
  • Todd Oman
  • Oregon Community Foundation
  • Kevyn D. Orr
  • James J. Ottavi
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  • Franklin Park
  • Jyoti Patel
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  • Jeff and Annette Patterson
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  • Bret and Rebecca Perisho
  • Philip R. Pfeifer
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  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Dave and Kay Phillips
  • Whitney and Jeanne Pidot
  • Hunter and Leslie Pierson
  • Ronald W. Plank
  • Chad Pollard
  • Richard and Emma Pompetti
  • Toby W. Pope
  • Roger Potter
  • Prairie Foundation
  • Martin and Elizabeth Presler-Marshall
  • Robert and Ellie Primeau
  • Peter Przybylinski
  • Pete Pulis
  • Keri Pyke
  • Mitchell and Kathy Racoosin
  • Chase Raines
  • Abhi Rathod
  • Daniel Ratner
  • Cameron A. Raughtigan
  • Gordon R. Ray
  • Barbara Reece
  • Anne Reeve
  • Lisa Regul and Rand Hawkins
  • Jay H. Reiziss
  • Leslie Reuter
  • Christian M. Reynolds
  • Flavio Protasio Ribeiro
  • Bruce and Barbara Ribner
  • Gage Morgan Richert
  • Jeremy and Anna Richmon
  • Ariel L. Rideout
  • Bill Riffle and Ruann Ernst
  • Patricia A. Riley
  • Cornelia W. Ritchie
  • Kim Robbins
  • Steven and Kay Robbins
  • Jeffrey Robins and Mai Yee
  • Carmie and Claire Robinson
  • Chris Rodriguez
"My father was a committed conserver of land, forests and open spaces. Despite his great successes in so many areas of his life I think he was always happiest in nature. Having grown up in Alabama he had deep ties to the land and to the people who worked it and eventually to the people who worked to conserve it. In the 1930’s our family donated the property on Flagg Mountain where the CCC built a 55 foot high stone observation tower. I know my father was very pleased that the final terminus of the Pinhoti and Appalachian Trail system would be on that very property donated so long ago. His legacy gift to The Conservation Fund helps to ensure that his vision for that area continues."

Johnny Greene, speaking about the impact of his late father, John K. Greene, who gave a legacy gift to The Conservation Fund
  • Pamela A. Roeming
  • William P. and Lynne M. Rogers
  • Michael and Melissa Rooney
  • Rachel S. Rosen
  • Meredith B. Rosenthal
  • Rosse Family Charitable Foundation
  • Robert Rothhouse
  • Edward Rounsaville
  • Rouse Family Foundation
  • Jonathan B. Rubini
  • Marc S. Rudow
  • Carole Rush and Richard Andler
  • Robert O. and Joan E. Rushton
  • The Russell and Frieda De Yong Foundation
  • Ruth Covo Family Foundation
  • Paul Rutz
  • Jennifer Rynne
  • Nick Saccomano
  • Michael and Avery Sadoff
  • James Safranek and Julie Leader
  • Nicolai and Ezmeralda Sager
  • Dennis Samuel
  • Sherry L. Samuels and Aviva S. Starr
  • Mary Sanger
  • Yasmin Sanie-Hay
  • Eric Saylor
  • Gregory and Alyssa Schaefer
  • Jon Schairbaum and Amy Askins
  • Peter and Lisa Schiff
  • Reuel Schiller and Jane Williams
  • Kyle Schmiel
  • Christopher Schroeder
  • Megan Schulte
  • Porter and Laurisa Schutt
  • Adam J. Schwegman
  • Stuart and Anne Scott
  • Ted and Laurie Sears
  • Larry and Rossi Selzer
  • Julie and Cliff Shackelford
  • Sachin Shah
  • George H. and Isabel C. Shattuck
  • Brendan P. Sheehan
  • Brian and Crystal Sheridan
  • Mark M. Shimizu
  • Paul Shryock
  • Howard Siegel
  • David Siegle
  • Linda Simard
  • Maria Simbirsky
  • Stephanie Simon
  • James S. Sligar and Diana M. Sattelberger
  • Charles Smith
  • Christopher Smith
  • Edward B. and Maureen D. Smith
  • Gabriela Smith
  • Stan Snyder
  • Alison and James Soldano
  • James W. Soldano
  • Michael Sorvillo
  • Scott T. Southwell
  • William Stanhagen
  • Stanhagen Consulting LLC
  • Ryan Stasell
  • Rebecca Stecker
  • Joseph J. Steger Jr.
  • Peter Stein and Lisa Cashdan
  • Debra D. Stenner
  • Sara Stern
  • Steve and Martha Hixon Family Foundation
  • Bruce Stewart
  • Patrick Stewart
  • John Stiegelmeier
  • Jonathan Stimmel
  • Brian R. Stoll
  • Theodore J. Stow
  • Connie Strobbe and Carter De Werd
  • Stephen C. Stubbs
  • Louise and Trent Stumph
  • Marie J. Sullivan
  • Mike Sundermeyer and Cari Anderson
  • Siddharth Suri
  • David A. Surrey
  • Carol Swarts
  • Mrs. Thomas E. Taplin
  • Richard Tasker
  • The Ted and Ruth Johnson Family Foundation
  • Ellen Temple
  • David R. Thiemann
  • Jill Long Thompson and Don Thompson
  • Ken and Pat Thompson
  • William Thompson
  • Eric and Georgia Thu
  • Scott and Sara Thurman
  • Stephen and Linda Tillinghast
  • Robin Toblin
  • Stephen Toman and Heather Smith
  • Skipper Tonsmeire
  • David and Emily Touchstone
  • Michael L. Trancynger
  • Steven Tremain
  • Brenda J. Tripathi
  • Megan and Ben Tsai
  • Becky Tucker
  • Tara N. Tuominen
  • Eric C. Turner
  • John and Mary Kay Turner
  • Mike Turner
  • Daniel and Bridget Unger
  • William and Saima Upham
  • Jeffrey and Janet Valentine
  • Kyle and Cindy Van Cleve
  • Dirk and Clare Van Doren
  • Laura Alida Van Every
  • Lee J. Vander Weyden
  • Christopher Vant Hof
  • Kevin T. Van Nortwick
  • Elizabeth Van Zandt
  • Thomas and Kristie Vaughan
  • Elizabeth Verhelst
  • Scott and Marion Vokey
  • David and Ellen Wagner
  • Wagner Forest Management Ltd.
  • Christopher and Jaclyn Wahlers
  • Jerry Wald
  • Andy and Sherry Walker
  • Denise and Michael Walker
  • Cole Wallace
  • Scott A. Wallace
  • William L. and K. S. Wallace
  • David Waller
  • Gerald and Veronika Walton
  • Lisa Wang
  • Russell Ward
  • David Ware
  • Paul M. Warner
  • Diane and Mark Warren
  • Scott and Naomi Warren
  • John and Cille Watkins
  • Dewey W. Wells
  • John T. Wells
  • Mark Welsh
  • Rick Weyerhaeuser and Anne C. Brewster
  • Joseph M. Wicks
  • James and Raylene Wilborn
  • Sonja Wilder
  • Kenneth and Lois Wildrick
  • Rachel A. Wilkinson
  • Brent Wille
  • Alan L. and Elizabeth K. Williams
  • Arthur T. and Catherine R. Williams
  • Taylor Williams
  • Wendy S. Williams
  • Linda Willis
  • Julia and Matt Wills
  • John and Ashley Wilson
  • John and Libby Winthrop
  • Jason and Blaire Woloz
  • Amy Won
  • Albert and Michele Woodroof
  • The Woods Foundation
  • Woodward Family Charitable Foundation
  • William J. and Denise L. Wozencraft
  • Dawn W. Yamada
  • Philip W. and Terry T. Young
  • John and Catherine Zammito
  • Kevin Zentmeyer
  • Nathan Zimnik
  • Nora Zizlsperger
  • Margit Zwemer
  • Roberta Zwier