We Make Conservation Work for America


From Our Chairman and CEO

R. Michael Leonard, ChairmanR. Michael LeonardLawrence A. Selzer, PresidentLawrence A. SelzerA critical component of attracting more Americans to the outdoors is maintaining and improving access. Better access encourages more outdoor recreation and stimulates more economic activity tied to fishing, hiking, hunting and more. This is good for America. In addition to continuing our nation’s over 100-year history of adding to our legacy of conserved lands, we’re also focusing on making sure more Americans have access and can enjoy them.

Throughout this annual report, you will see examples of how conservation is driving economic activity, providing benefits to landowners, small businesses and communities. From working to complete the roughly 330 mile Pinhoti Trail in Alabama and Georgia and open new trails to attract visitors to rural communities, to lending startup capital to a new history-based outdoor recreation business in the coal fields of West Virginia, to permanently conserving a historic working ranch in Colorado while providing access to adjacent public lands, the work of The Conservation Fund is making a real difference.

Our dual mission of conservation and economic development is uniquely relevant to the needs of landowners, small businesses in rural areas and outdoor enthusiasts. Our efforts increasingly challenge us to involve multiple parties from the public, private and nonprofit sectors, which often requires additional kinds of funding beyond just pure philanthropy or government appropriations. We have a proven track record of bringing together diverse parties and creating new models of funding for both the conservation of our natural, cultural and historic treasures and the economic vitality of our communities.

Our Working Forest Fund is conserving the last of our nation’s large intact forests so they remain working forests forever, providing good jobs as well as clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, habitat for wildlife and outdoor recreation, and critical carbon sequestration capacity to help address climate change. Our pioneering work to develop new technologies that allow truly sustainable fish farming is changing the way species such as Atlantic salmon are being produced, and our Greenseams® program is showing communities across America how to build climate resilience into their planning.

The accomplishments highlighted in this report are only a snapshot of the work of The Conservation Fund, but they are emblematic of our businesslike, partnership-driven approach to conservation. We invite you to learn more about our work and to join us as we seek to ensure that conservation is working for all Americans.

  • R. Michael Leonard, Chairman
    R. Michael Leonard, Chairman
  • Lawrence A. Selzer, President
    Lawrence A. Selzer, President

In 2017...

Nearly $39,000,000 in private contributions enabled us to leverage over $47,000,000 in federal funding. Together, private and public resources are powerful drivers of our work.
5,900 donors supported 130 different projects across the U.S., and 543 donors made regular monthly donations to us. Gifts of all sizes make a huge impact!
Our Natural Capital Investment Fund provided more than $14,650,000 in loans and over 2,600 hours of technical assistance to 293 small businesses and farm enterprises.
Our Conservation Loans program helped its partners permanently protect almost 4,300 acres through bridge financing—lending over $19,000,000 to conserve land valued at nearly $25,000,000.
Our Working Forest Fund acquired over 101,000 acres of high-conservation-value forestland, conveyed 42,000 acres to long-term stewards of the land under conservation easement and generated 2,000 jobs.
Our Conservation Leadership Network provided more than $135,000 in grants to over 380 communities seeking to achieve environmental and economic success.



Envisioning a New Future for the Lower Rio Grande Valley...

A blue-winged teal is heading south for the winter. It stops at the southeastern tip of Texas, where the Rio Grande empties into the Gulf of Mexico. While there, it may encounter some of the region’s year-round residents, like the green jay, Altamira oriole and plain chachalaca, or birds that are just resting on their way to Central and South America, like the rose-breasted grosbeak. The Lower Rio Grande Valley has become a world-renowned birding destination, with more than 500 documented bird species.

Yet the valley grapples with high poverty rates and a struggling economy, and many communities are looking to nature as a catalyst for economic vitality. Cameron County is working with The Conservation Fund to attract investments in natural and cultural resource protection and tourism infrastructure. With input from local stakeholders, a coordinated strategy— called a Green Infrastructure Vision—maps out a unified approach for attracting people who want to enjoy the outdoors in different ways. The result is a framework for connecting bike trails, national wildlife refuges, state parks, historic sites, kayaking trails, bird watching trails and places to fish. It complements a larger plan to connect recreational trails throughout the Rio Grande Valley and will expand and enhance the region’s $463 million nature-based tourism industry.

Together, we’ve already started making this vision a reality. We recently protected three properties totaling 3,700 acres at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. The land includes more than 4 miles of shoreline along the Laguna Madre, one of only six hypersaline lagoons worldwide and a significant resource for migrating and wintering shorebirds. Since 1999 we’ve protected nearly 30,000 acres at the Refuge, home to the endangered ocelot and aplomado falcon and more bird species than any other national wildlife refuge. In addition, donations from the Fund’s business partners have planted more than 365,000 native trees and restored more than 450 acres of habitat at the Refuge.

...Through the Strategic Conservation of Biodiversity

Across the Rio Grande Valley, we’ve protected nearly 40,000 acres at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge and Roma Historic District, and have placed conservation easements on private lands. The Lower Rio Grande Valley is one of the most biologically diverse regions in North America, but it’s losing ground—literally. Since the 1930s, 95 percent of the native habitat found within the valley has been cleared for agricultural and urban development. Our strategic conservation plan becomes even more important as the region continues to grow, and we hope to expand this vision to the entire Lower Rio Grande Valley.

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“Ecotourism and outdoor recreation are vital to the Rio Grande Valley’s economic growth and development. Local leaders and elected officials support and prioritize conservation and the expansion of ecotourism across the region, realizing the great potential for sustainable economic growth.”—Ron Garza, Executive Director, Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council
The Conservation Fund
has protected over
7.9 million acres

From Our CFO

John Gilbert
It is an honor to have joined this tremendous organization in 2017. I am consistently impressed with the effectiveness and impact of our work, and the ways our programs and networks of partners reinforce one another to advance conservation in America. Accelerating conservation and economic development would not be possible without an abundance of talent and agility, and the opportunities to build on our success and scale up our activity are limitless.

Our results for 2017 demonstrated continued growth across the organization—The Fund’s second highest year of performance as measured by total revenues of $238 million. The diversity of our funding sources has never been better and we continue to see opportunities for growth.

For those who closely review and reference our annual financial statements, we have taken two significant steps to better align our revenues and expenses in the same accounting period.

First, we changed our accounting treatment of conservation easements. In most cases, we either raise external funding to purchase easements or we receive them at no cost, with the intention to donate those easements to another organization for permanent stewardship. The timeline of raising funds for the land protection and then donating the easement often takes longer than one year to achieve, causing artificial peaks and valleys in our year-to-year reporting. Therefore, we are replacing our previous practice recording easements at their appraised value by now displaying their net value at $0, which is a widely accepted practice in the land trust community. As a result, we adjusted the value of our net assets down by $39 million in 2017. Notwithstanding this change in our financial presentation, we recognize and appreciate the important role that conservation easements play in enabling the Fund to achieve its charitable purpose of land and water conservation through the preservation of the natural values of land.

Second, we recognized $50 million of non-cash charges relating to property acquisitions that are pending donation or discounted sale to governmental agencies and other long-term conservation holders. It is a normal and recurring part of our business to raise outside funding so that we can acquire critical properties and then donate or sell them at a discount to permanent owners that achieve our conservation objectives. In some cases, we cannot complete the acquisition and resale or donation in the same accounting period which creates mismatches in our revenue and expenses. While this challenge will persist, we elected to take provisions against three large properties that we acquired in 2017 and one relating to a prior period. All are in the process of being conveyed.

The financial position of The Conservation Fund remains strong with $515 million of net assets, significant operating liquidity, and a debt balance of less than 15% of our total assets with a blended interest rate of under 1%.

We are enthusiastic and ambitious about how our original mission remains relevant today, as well as its capability and promise for the future. We gratefully thank all of our donors, partners, and friends for your continued support.

jg sig
John Gilbert
Executive Vice President, CFO

Combined Statement of Activities
And Change In Net Assets

For the year ended December 31, 2017, with comparative totals for 2016 and 2015.
Support and Revenue 2017 Total 2016 Total 2015 Total
Individual Contributions 6,663,611 9,755,505 14,090,603
Foundation Contributions 42,152,299 22,816,947 30,804,657
Corporate Contributions 5,466,375 2,414,074 26,886,449
Gifts of Land 17,646,802 22,120,307 14,125,532
Other Contributions 8,559,953 1,468,684 5,942,236
Conservation Land Transactions 92,066,153 104,237,998 69,814,499
Federal and State Grants 30,868,996 8,429,168 9,723,802
Contract Income 5,514,421 8,434,209 6,659,750
Mitigation/Carbon/Timber 25,745,327 34,716,092 35,536,432
Investment and Other Programs 3,774,064 11,158,172 7,960,034
Total Support and Revenue $238,458,000 $225,551,200 $221,544,000

Expenses 2017 Total 2016 Total 2015 Total
Total Conservation Programs* 272,231,000 223,343,900 178,975,200
Management and General 2,088,000 2,588,200 2,815,500
Fundraising 1,768,000 1,722,100 2,138,900
Total Expenses $276,087,000 $227,654,200 $183,929,500

Change in Net Assets (37,629,000) (2,103,000)* 37,614,500
Extraordinary Item** (39,076,000)
Net Assets, Beginning of Year $592,208,000 $594,310,900 $556,696,400
Net Assets, End of Year $515,503,000 $592,207,900 $594,310,900

*In 2017 we recognized roughly $50 million of non-cash expenses related to our intention to donate four large projects we own to our partners for no consideration in coming years. In all cases, we raised dedicated external funding to acquire the projects and the Fund will not suffer any loss. Please refer to the letter from our Chief Financial Officer or our audited accounts for more detail.

**In 2017 we changed our accounting policy on valuation of conservation easements and now report their net value for financial statement purposes as zero. As a result of this change, our net assets were reduced by the prior book value of these easements. Notwithstanding this financial statement change, we continue to believe that conservation easements play an important role in enabling us to achieve our charitable purpose of land and water conservation through the preservation of the natural values of land.

Sources of Funds - 2017

Conservation Land Transactions 92,066,153
Foundation Contributions 42,152,299
Federal and State Grants 30,868,996
Mitigation/Carbon/Timber 25,745,327
Gifts of Land 17,646,802
Other Contributions 8,559,953
Individual Contributions 6,663,611
Contract Income 5,514,421
Corporate Contributions 5,466,375
Investment and Other Program Income 3,774,064

Uses of Funds - 2017

Total Conservation Programs 272,231,000
Management and General 2,088,000
Fundraising 1,768,000


Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board

R. Michael Leonard
North Carolina

Vice Chairman

John Winthrop

President and CEO

Lawrence A. Selzer
Kay Kelley Arnold
Julie G. Barker
Julie G. Barker
Gregory A. Barker
Gregory A. Beard
New York
Robert Bonnie
Robert Bonnie
J. Storey Charbonnet
J. Storey Charbonnet
Todd Carter
Todd J. Carter
Kimberlee R. Cornett
Kimberlee R. Cornett
Charles R. Cherington
Luis de la Garza
Stephen A. Elbert
Paul E. Hagen
District of Columbia
G. Wilson Hughes
James A. Joseph
North Carolina
Thruston B. Morton III
North Carolina
Charles Porter Schutt III
Jill Long Thompson
Jill L. Long Thompson
Daniel R. Tishman
Daniel R. Tishman
New York
Jay F. Wagley
James M. Whitehurst
North Carolina

Chairman Emeritus

Patrick F. Noonan

Director Emeritus

Gilbert M. Grosvenor

Director Emeritus

Kiku H. Hanes

Director Emeritus

In Memory of
Charles R. Jordan


Collectively, our officers have more than 600 years of conservation experience.


Chairman of the Board

R. Michael Leonard

Vice Chairman

John Winthrop

President and CEO

Lawrence A. Selzer
Holly Cannon
Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Richard L. Erdmann
Executive Vice President
John S. Gilbert
John S. Gilbert
Executive Vice President, CFO, Treasurer
Mark W. Elsbree
Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition, Western Region
Robin Murphy
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Blaine T. Phillips Jr.
Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions
Matthew S. Sexton
Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition, Southeastern Region
Evan H. Smith
Senior Vice President, Conservation Ventures
William L. Allen, III
William L. Allen, III
Vice President, Conservation Services
Alisa E. Borland
Vice President, Development
Brian J. Dangler
Brian J. Dangler
Vice President, Director - Working Forest Fund
Thomas R. Duffus
Vice President, Midwest Region and Northeast Rep., Conservation Acquisition
Joseph A. Hankins
Vice President and Director of the Freshwater Institute
Jena C. Meredith
Jena C. Meredith
Vice President, Business Partnerships
Erik J. Meyers
Vice President
Jodi R. O'Day
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Assistant Secretary
Kelly M. Reed
Kelly M. Reed
Vice President, Government Relations
Mikki J. Sager
Vice President and Director of Resourceful Communities
Gates Watson
Gates M. Watson
Vice President, Montana and Northwest Director, Conservation Acquisition
Margaret A. McCants
Elizabeth Engle
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Paul F. Hurt
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Scott M. Tison
Assistant Secretary


National Office

(Arlington, VA)

Nina Balter
Prospect Researcher

Alisa Borland
Vice President of Development

Kendra Briechle
Senior Training Associate, Conservation Leadership Network

Deborah Branch
Desktop System Administrator, IT

Holly Cannon
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Mark Cason
Senior Government Relations Representative

Michael Cox

Lily G. Engle
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary

Richard L. Erdmann
Executive Vice President

Joyce Ferrell
Director, Human Resources and Administration

Andrea Ferri
Operations Manager, Conservation Loans

John S. Gilbert
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Zhivko Illeieff
Online Content Manager & Creator

Kelly Ingebritson
Senior Representative, Government Relations

Rachael Joiner
Major Gifts Manager

Patricia Kelmartin
Assistant Controller

Frances H. Kennedy
Director, Historic Lands Program, Consultant

Hazel Mayers

Meg McCants
Conservation Acquisitions Director and Board Secretary

Raiza D. McCutchan
Assistant Controller

Erik Meyers
Vice President

Robin Murphy
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Patrick F. Noonan
Chairman Emeritus

Ainsley M. Pittman
Development Manager

Laura A. Poisson
Operations/Administration Assistant

Kelly M. Reed
Vice President of Government Relations

Bobbi Reierson
Development Associate

Wendy Sams
Senior Advisor

Lawrence A. Selzer
President and CEO

Mary Sorenson
Database and Records Assistant

Stacia Stanek
Senior Representative, Government Relations

Wendy Taylor
Director of Strategic Giving

Scott M. Tison
Real Estate and Legal Manager

Franklin Tucker
Legal Assistant

Stacia Turner
Urban Conservation Program Associate

Katie Valentine
Media Relations Associate

Megan Van Wagoner
HR and Administration Assistant

Leigh Whelpton
Program Director, Conservation Finance Network

Lesley White-Kayser
Development Systems Manager

David Williams
Chief Information Officer

Allegra Wrocklage
Program Coordinator, Conservation Finance Network

Pousga Yerbanga
Staff Accountant

Conservation Acquisition Directors

Mark Elsbree
Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition

Blaine Phillips
Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Matthew Sexton
Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition


Brad A. Meiklejohn
Alaska State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Glenn Elison
Alaska Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Christopher Little
Alaska State Associate, Conservation Acquisition

John Wros
Alask Associate


Chris Kelly
California State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Jena Thompson Meredith
Vice President, Business Partnerships

Steve Hobbs
California Senior Project Director

Lauren A. Fety
Forest Analyst

Olivia Fiori
Forest Technician

Margery Hoppner

Parker A. Jean
Forestry Technician

Scott Kelly
Timberlands Manager

Holly Newberger
North Coast Program Coordinator

Derek Ostensen
Conservation Acquisition Assistant

Madison Thomson
Registered Professional Forester


Stephanie Brady
Director, Business Partnerships

Christine Quinlan
Western Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Hannah La Luzerne
Account Manager, Business Partnerships

Thomas T. Macy
Western Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Elizabeth Slokar
Office Manager


Blaine Phillips
Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition


Matthew Sexton
Senior Vice President and Southeast Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Lauren Day
Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Todd McNew
Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition

George Wilson


Andrew Schock
Georgia State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Stacy Funderburke
Southeast Region Assistant, Regional Counsel, and Conservation Acquisition Associate

Shannon Lee
Urban Conservation Manager, Conservation Acquisition

Roberta Moore
Conservation Associate, Conservation Acquisition


Mark Elsbree
Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition

Dave Anderson
Business Development Assoicate, Mitigation Services


Emy Brawley
Assoicate Director, Conservation Services, Midwest


Ray S. Herndon
Director, Central Gulf and Lower Mississippi River Region, Conservation Acquisition

Sarah Howard
Central Gulf Region Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Ginevera Moore
Midwest Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Jennifer Blattman
Midwest Conservation Associate, Conservation Acquistion


Thomas Duffus
Vice President and Northeast Representative


Bill Crouch
Maryland State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Jennifer R. McNulty
Office Manager/Legal Assistant

Amelia Matthews
Transaction Specialist

Jodi R. O’Day
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Assistant Secretary

Strategic Conservation Planning (MD office)

Ted Weber
Science Manager, Strategic Conservation


Peg Kohring
Midwest Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Michael T. Kelly
Director, Great Lakes Office, Conservation Acquisition

Danielle D. Casavant
Senior Major Gifts Officer

Lauri Lindquist
Midwest Office Project Assistant

Ruth Thornton
Program Associate, Midwest


Clint Miller
Midwest Project Director, Conservation Acquisition

Emilee S. Nelson
Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Gates Watson
Montana and Northwest Director, Conservation Acquisition


Mike Ford
Nevada and Southwest Director, Conservation Acquisition

Barry Stubbs
Conservation Acquisition Associate

New Hampshire

Reggie Hall
Director, Conservation Loans

Sally Manikian
Vermont/New Hampshire Representative

New Mexico

Whitney Flanagan
Creative Director

North Carolina

Justin Boner
North Carolina Director, Conservation Acquisition

Claire Cooney
Senior Major Gifts and Communications Director

Bill Holman
North Carolina State Director

Paul F. Hurt
Deputy General Counsel

Carolyn McCoy
Senior Paralegal

Robin McKinney
Graphic Designer

David Proper
Urban Program Director, Conservation Acquisition

Natural Capital Investment Fund (NC Office)

Rick Larson
Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Anna Tefft
Senior Vice President and Director of Lending, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Quinn Coleman
Credit Analyst, Natural Capital Investment Fund

TF Congleton
Easter North Carolina Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Erika McGilley
Western North Carolina Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Kristy Sitton
Load Closing Specialist, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Resourceful Communities Headquarters (NC)

Mikki Sager
Vice President and Director, Resourceful Communities

Kathleen Marks
Associate Director, Resourceful Communities

Monica McCann
Associate Director, Resourceful Communities

Tatia Ash
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities

Ricky Bratz
Healthy Eating, Active Living Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Margaret Conrad
Capacity Builder, Resourceful Communities

Jesalyn Keziah
Community Food Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Justine Post
Faith & Food Coordinator

Donna F. Pratt
Program Associate, Resourceful Communities

Jasmine A. Stammes
HEAL Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Julius Tillery
Food and Farm Field Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Austin Wilson
Food & Faith Coordinator

Strategic Conservation Planning, National Headquarters (NC)

William L. Allen
Vice President, Director, Strategic Conservation Planning

Jazmin Varela
Information Manager, Strategic Conservation Planning

Working Forest Fund, National Headquarters (NC)

Brian Dangler
Vice President, Director, Working Forest Fund

Trevor Cutsinger
Business Manager, Working Forest Fund

Kevin Harnish
Forestry Analyst, Working Forest Fund

Bethany Olmstead
Midwest Conservation Manager, Conservation Acquisition and Working Forest Fund

Buck Vaughan
Manager, Forest Financial Planning and Analysis, Working Forest Fund

David Whitehouse
Forest Operations Manager, Working Forest Fund


Cassandra Garrison
Office Manager

Evan H. Smith

Senior Vice President, Conservation Ventures

Tom Pinit
Associate, Conservation Ventures

Kayla M. Walker
Major Gifts Officer


Kyle Shenk
Pennsylvania State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Ann Simonelli
Media Relations Director

Megan Zack
Conservation Acquistion Associate

South Carolina

Jason Johnson
South Carolina State Director, Conservation Acquisition


Ralph Knoll
Tennessee Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Callie Hastings Easterly
Senior Major Gifts Officer

Vanessa Hague
Office Manager

Andy Jones

Texas State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Alyssa (Aly) Kirk
Conservation Acquisitions Data Specialist

Julie Shackelford
Texas Programs Director, Conservation Acquisition

Roberta Zwier
Director, Mitigation


Nancy Bell
Vermont and New Hampshire State Director, Conservation Acquisition


Heather Richards
Virginia State Director and Program Manager, Mitigation Services


Kenny Fahey
Food Ventures Associate

Caitlin Guthrie
Associate Director, Conservation Loans

West Virginia

Conservation Leadership Network, National Headquarters (WV)

Katherine Allen
Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network

Margarita Carey
Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network

Freshwater Institute National Headquarters (WV)

Joseph A. Hankins
Vice President and Director, Freshwater Institute

Shanen A. Cogan

Facility Operations Assistant, Freshwater Institute

Curtis Crouse
Assistant Aquaculture Production Manager

Laura J. Bailey
Project Engineer, Freshwater Institute

John W. Davidson III
Senior Research Associate, Freshwater Institute

Christopher Good
Director of Aquatic Veterinary Research, Freshwater Institute

Carolyn Koldos
Administrative Assistant

Christine Lepine
Research Associate, Freshwater Institute

Travis May
Aquaculture Production Manager, Freshwater Institute

Natalie Monacelli
Environmental Lab Technician, Freshwater Institute

Megan Murray
Environmental Lab Technician

Karen Schroyer
Environmental Laboratory Manager, Freshwater Institute

Michael Schwartz
Senior Environmental Associate, Freshwater Institute

Kata Sharrer
Engineering Technician, Freshwater Institute

Steven Summerfelt
Director of Aquaculture System Research, Freshwater Institute

Scott Tsukuda
Director of Operations, Freshwater Institute

Brian Vinci
Director of Environmental Engineering Services, Freshwater Institute

Wendy Wilson
Project Accountant, Freshwater Institute

Chance Younker
Aquaculture Technician

Natural Capital Investment Fund Headquarters (WV)

Marten Jenkins
President and CEO, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Rosalind L. Black
Senior Accountant, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Janette DeLapa
Senior Accountant, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Todd Crump
Business Coach, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Robert Keel
Loan Fund Administrator, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Kevin O'Connor
West Virginia Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Hannah Vargason
Energy Project Manager, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Justin White
Business Lender


David Grusznski
Program Director, Greenseams Program

Angie Doucette
Project Coordinator, Greenseams Program


Dan Schlager
Senior Vice President and Western Director, Conservation Acquisition


Our Supporters

The Conservation Fund gratefully acknowledges the gifts made by the following corporations, foundations, individuals and organizations. With your support, we have saved over 7.9 million acres of America’s treasured lands and waterways since 1985.

$1 Million +

  • Brandywine Conservancy
  • Charles W. Pickelsimer Jr. Trust
  • East Navajo Headwaters LLC
  • The JPB Foundation
  • Margaret A. Cargill Philanthropies
  • Mt. Cuba Center Inc.
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Richard King Mellon Foundation
  • Robert W. Woodruff Foundation
  • Fred and Alice Stanback Jr.

$500,000 - $999,999

  • The Allerton Foundation
  • CSX Corp.
  • Longwood Foundation
  • Pisces Foundation
  • Teepeejay Fund c/o The Vermont Community Foundation
  • U-Haul International Inc.

$100,000 - $499,999

  • Anonymous (4)
  • BlueCross and BlueShield of North Carolina Foundation
  • Brunckhorst Foundation
  • Mary Catherine Bunting
  • Butler Conservation Fund
  • C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • Chesapeake Conservancy
  • Colcom Foundation
  • Cortopassi Family Foundation
  • The Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
  • Delaney Properties Wyoming LLC
  • Dell Technologies
  • Dewar Development Corp.
  • Dow Chemical Co.
  • Ellice & Rosa McDonald Foundation Inc.
  • Entergy Corp.
  • Eversource Energy
  • Frank E. and Seba B. Payne Foundation
  • Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
  • The Estate of Carol Georgopoulos and Ray Freeze
  • Green Mountain Power
  • GSF Farm Ground LLC
  • The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation
  • HSBC Bank USA
  • The Hugh Kaul Foundation
  • J. William Warehime Foundation
  • Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
  • Lancaster County Conservancy
  • Marnell Gaming
  • The Meadows Foundation
  • Larry and Eileen Mutschler
  • Oak Foundation
  • Open Space Institute
  • Sally Quinn
  • Resources Legacy Fund
  • Revell George-Reva George Trust
  • Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
  • Robert L. Shaw
  • Terrence A. and Cynthia D. Tobias
  • Turner Foundation Inc.
  • Vinton Family Foundation
  • W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Wallace Genetic Foundation
  • Wyeth Foundation
  • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation
“I appreciate the good work you continue to do at The Conservation Fund. It's critically important, particularly at this time.” 

Stuart Lustig
Donor since 2002 

$50,000 - $99,999

  • Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  • Delmarva Ornithological Society
  • Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
  • Paul and Grace Engbring
  • The Estate of Lawrence W. Fagg
  • Fair Play Foundation
  • The Farvue Foundation
  • George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation
  • James and Lauren Whitehurst Family Charitable Trust
  • McKnight Foundation
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Neil and Louise Tillotson Fund
  • Project Reinvest
  • Scott and Genie Randell
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • Morris W. Stroud II
  • The Estate of Teresa Sue Weinert
  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

$10,000 - $49,999

  • Anonymous (10)
  • The Alaska Community Foundation
  • American Conservation Association
  • American Family Insurance Dreams Foundation
  • American Licorice Co.
  • Bob J. Anderson
  • David H. Anderson
  • Dallas and Louise Anderson Foundation
  • Atlantic Salmon Federation
  • Julie G. Barker
  • Aaron Barrett
  • Gregory A. and Laurie A. Beard
  • Riley and Susan Bechtel
  • James Bodner and Victoria Greenfield
  • The BPB & HBB Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenton R. Brown
  • Mary Alice and Bennett Brown Foundation Inc.
  • Judith M. Buechner
  • The Bunting Family Foundation-Fund B
  • Gordon Chaffee and Nancy Kedzierski
  • Charles Reed Cherington and Ashley S. Pettus
  • Ann Conway
  • Cook Family Foundation
  • Cross Charitable Foundation
  • Davis Conservation Foundation
  • Malcolm C. Damuth Foundation
  • Tim and Tina Delaney
  • The Estate of Carol J. Dietrich
  • Robert M. Dix
  • Louisa C. Duemling
  • Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
  • Edison Electric Institute
  • William C. Eisenhauer
  • Eurofins Pharma US Holding II
  • Food Well Alliance
  • Martin and Judith Freedland
  • Freshpet
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Michael Goulder
  • John K. Greene
  • Hancock Natural Resource Group Inc.
  • Steve and Martha Hixon Family Foundation
  • Wilson and Nancy Hughes
  • David Jenkins
  • Mavis P. and Wendy W. Kelsey
  • Frances Kennedy
  • Land Trust Alliance
  • Nicholas Lapham
  • Lazzara Family Foundation
  • Kurt Leuthold and The Steven Leuthold Family Foundation
  • Benjamin S. Levin
  • Gail M. Lipovsky
  • Live Oak Foundation
  • Lux Foundation Inc.
  • Mike and Barbara Lynn Philanthropic Fund of Dallas Jewish Community Foundation
  • Bill Malpass
  • Frederick and Judith Mancheski
  • Greg McCourt
  • McMahan Estate
  • Thruston Morton III and Patricia Morton
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • The Nathan P. Jacobs Foundation
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • The North Face
  • NRG Energy Inc.
  • Overhills Foundation
  • Barbara E. Parish and Gary Roberts
  • Patagonia Inc.
  • Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
  • Pentair Foundation
  • Pigeon River Fund
  • David G. Ritchey
  • The Robert P. Rotella Foundation
  • Robertson Foundation
  • Mr. Olof Röstlund and Dr. Emily Röstlund
  • Nicholas P. Rothman and Patricia L. Whitaker
  • Sacharuna Foundation
  • Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust
  • Truman T. Semans
  • Sam M. Shine
  • S D Trombetta Foundation
  • Timothy B. Stauffer
  • The Stokes Family
  • SunTrust Bank
  • Suggs Family Foundation
  • TIF Foundation Fund
  • Timothy D. Sweeney
  • Amelia C. Tate
  • Owen D. and Jennifer B. Thomas
  • Town of Mount Jackson
  • Partnership Foundation
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Paul J. Volpe
  • Waste Connections of Alaska
  • Emily Webb
  • Weill Family Foundation
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
  • Winkler Family Foundation
  • Ryan Wise and Leslie Brunner
“We found The Conservation Fund on Charity Navigator. We were looking for an efficient environmental nonprofit, and The Conservation Fund was the best choice.” 

James A. Hamilton and Erin L. McDonald
Donors since 2012

$5,000 - $9,999

  • Anonymous (2)
  • Alaska Conservation Foundation
  • Michael and Susan Arneson
  • Anne H. Averett
  • Ray B. Baldwin
  • Michael and Kathleen Barth
  • Joseph T. Batkiewicz
  • Lee Becker
  • Roger A. Bell
  • Robert Bonnie
  • Elizabeth S. Bowles
  • Brown Advisory
  • Brown Family Foundation
  • Holly Cannon and John Guttmann
  • Todd and Susan Carter
  • Earl M. and Margery C. Chapman Foundation
  • William Chudd and Gretchen Hoffmann
  • Clayton Fund Inc.
  • ConocoPhillips Alaska
  • Consumers Energy Foundation
  • Danem Foundation
  • Marcy and Gene Elsbree
  • Emkay Inc.
  • Joseph and Marie Field
  • Spencer Frasher
  • Spencer P. Glendon
  • Paul Hagen and Christine Jahnke
  • William Heckert
  • Margaret M. Hixon
  • M. Diane Holm
  • Anita and John Howell
  • Mrs. Marten R. Jenkins
  • Olin C. Jones
  • Kane Family Foundation
  • Allan Kroeker Productions
  • Dennis and Kristen LaCroix
  • Julie Lagunzad
  • Kathryn Lane
  • Louden Family Foundation
  • Lundberg Family Farms
  • MaCher
  • Maine Community Foundation
  • Kenneth A. Makowski
  • Terry and Constance Marbach
  • John E. McCord
  • Rhett J. McLaughlin
  • Pauline H. Milius
  • Milton and Beatrice Wind Foundation
  • Momentum Group
  • Barbara A. Mullin
  • Charles J. Orella
  • Organic Valley
  • Pantsuit Nation
  • Bonnie Pence
  • Sally Pian and Ira Silverman
  • Ronald W. Plank
  • Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust
  • Potlatch Corp.
  • R. Howard Dobbs Jr. Foundation
  • Jacqueline Ratner
  • Rendle Family Foundation
  • Robert J. Bauer Family Foundation
  • Ruth Covo Family Foundation
  • Blake and Rachel Schaefer
  • SEAT Planners Inc.
  • J. Rutherford Seydel and Laura Turner Seydel
  • James and Janna Shennan
  • Robert and Joanne Solem
  • Charles Steinmetz
  • Thomas and Elizabeth Stults
  • Jason Sugar
  • Mr. and Mrs. William H. Suter
  • Don Swenholt and Kristina Harper
  • Gale E. Unterberg
  • John and Libby Winthrop
“The Conservation Fund continues to be a careful steward of donations with no waste and excellent management.” 

Carol Swarts
Donor since 1992

$1,000 - $4,999

  • Anonymous (16)
  • Peter and Dianna Abbrecht
  • Thomas and Cassandra Abeln
  • Adam T. Abraham
  • Katharine Abraham and Graham Horkley
  • Daniel Abramzon
  • Brooks Adamo
  • Jean Adamson
  • Jason W. Adkins
  • Admiral Real Estate Services Corp.
  • Daniel E. and Kelli J. Ahern
  • Alaska Wildland Adventures
  • Jessica F. Albert
  • Ray and Linda Alberts
  • Jeff Alexander
  • Lindsay S. and Bradley E. Alger
  • William and Tiffany Allen
  • AmazonSmile Foundation
  • American Birding Association
  • American Wind Energy Association
  • John S. and Molly W. Ammondson
  • Judith and Roger Anderson
  • Woodrow D. Anderson
  • Randall and Karen Andre
  • Wendy and Dave Andrews
  • Douglas N. Arnold
  • Kay K. Arnold
  • Ash Family Foundation
  • Robert and Margaret Ayres
  • Michael Azhadi
  • Bagley and Virginia Wright Foundation
  • Kathleen T. Bailey
  • Sam E. Baker Jr.
  • Carl Balis
  • Solomon Barnett
  • Kathleen P. Barrett
  • Allison and Daniel Baskes
  • James W. and Colleen B. Beach
  • Staci Beamer
  • Drew and Sarah Beason
  • Beauty 21 Cosmetics Inc.
  • David E. Becher
  • Will Beckman
  • William and Sandra Behnke
  • Meredith Bell
  • Paul F. and Henrietta B. Bente
  • David and Nicole Berger
  • Dr. and Mrs. A. David Bernanke
  • Greta and Brad Bertinot
  • Nathan and Helaine Betnun
  • Catherine Bettcher and Praveen Dayalu
  • Nicholas B. Betts
  • Neil Bhutta
  • Jeffrey A. Blackard
  • William and Corinne Blakley
  • Brian and Robin Blumberg
  • Jim Blyth
  • David Bonderman
  • Karl J. and Rita T. Bongarten
  • Jason Borak
  • Kathy Borrus
  • Robin Boyer
  • Jayson and Mandy Boyers
  • BP Exploration Alaska Inc.
  • Bristol Bay Native Corp.
  • George M. Britton
  • Edward Broach
  • Lois P. Broder
  • Dan Brodnitz
  • Mark and Ann Brown
  • Kathryn Brown
  • Matthew D. Brown
  • Matthew Brown and Sandra Lopez
  • Nancy Brown and Robert Guehne
  • Douglas A. Brucker
  • Bruckner and Luzietti Family
  • Daniel P. Brudney
  • Joy D. Bryant
  • Burdette Family Foundation
  • James L. Burns
  • Jay and Donna Bushnell
  • Robert O. and Ellen L. Bussey
  • Kevin Byrne
  • California Council of Land Trusts
  • Sam and Geanie Callahan
  • Stephen Can
  • Carl Family Foundation
  • Eric Carlton
  • David K. Carrington
  • Carl M. Carstensen
  • Danielle Casavant
  • Paul and Gail Caslavka
  • Stanley D. and Susan B. Casto
  • Donald Catello
  • David Cepeda
  • Gregory F. Chapados
  • J. Storey Charbonnet
  • Eric and Suzanne Cheek
  • Brian and Sally Chess
  • Christofer Chiappa and Keila Blanco
  • Ray and Marian Christensen
  • Jerome B. Coghlan
  • Marjorie Cohen
  • Linda Benedict Colvin
  • Laurie and Brian Conroy
  • Gina M. Cornick
  • Robin A. Costello
  • Gregory and Mary Jo Cote
  • Glenn Courtney and Kim Olson
  • George M. Covington
  • Gary and Beverly Cox
  • Peter C. Crary
  • Karen Crennan and Allen Toman
  • Matthew and Jennifer Criscimagna
  • Leslie and Ed Cronin
  • Patrick Q. Crow
  • Christian Crowley
  • Scott and Renae Croy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Culatta
  • Louis Dachis
  • Daffy's Foundation
  • Peter Dahlberg
  • Robert Dalsemer
  • Brian Dangler
  • Judy Danish and Miles Greenbaum
  • Nicholas Danoff
  • Gail Danto and Arthur Roffey
  • Luis A. de la Garza
  • Hubert and Frances De Lacvivier
  • The Russell and Frieda De Yong Foundation
  • Brian R. Decker
  • Joel Deitz and Barbara Berko
  • Denali Universal Services
  • Robert Dennis
  • Richard and Bonnie Denton
  • Ray and Laurel DePalatis
  • Sunita Deshmukh
  • Nirmala Dharmaraja
  • The Dickson Foundation Inc.
  • Kay M. Diederich
  • Samuel K. Diederich
  • Michael DiGregorio
  • Michael DiPietro
  • Brent Ditton and Sharmen Newsom
  • Gilbert and Ruth Dix
  • Brad Dobski
  • Arthur and Alice Domby
  • Camille Dominguez
  • Cynthia and Bradley Domonoske
  • Adam Donahue
  • Michael J. Doring
  • Annabel Doust
  • William Downie
  • Robert W. Duckles
  • Nicholas S. Duffek
  • Clay Dukes
  • Jerry and Nancy Duncan
  • Ronald A. Duncan
  • Bob and Mary Dunham
  • William Durkee
  • Mitch Earle
  • Callie Hastings Easterly
  • James Eck
  • David B. Edelson
  • Teon E. Edwards
  • David Eikenberry
  • Stephen and Marilyn Elbert
  • Glenn and Denice Elison
  • Anne Elixhauser
  • Thomas B. and Katharine K. Ellis
  • Bryan S. Elvebak
  • Hamilton and Lillian Emmons
  • John D. and Kristina K. Epstein
  • Richard L. Erdmann and Dawn MacPhee
  • Todd and Svetlana Esposito
  • Lottie E. Esteban
  • Douglas I. Evans
  • E. Joseph Evans Charitable Trust
  • Steven Exler and Shira Billet
  • Christopher Eynatian
  • Fanwood Foundation Western Office
  • Paige Farinholt
  • Brent H. Farmer
  • Steven B. Farmer
  • Nathan Faulkner and Julia Burdick
  • Mary Anna and Fred Feitler
  • Carol Fendler
  • Paul Feuerborn and Family
  • Lisa Finlay
  • Daniel Fisher
  • Mary L. Fisher
  • Thomas M. and Barbara C. Florack
  • Kira Fluor-Scacchi
  • James P. and Donna M. Foley
  • Forest Investment Associates
  • Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds
  • Nick Francis
  • James A. Frazer
  • Mark J. Freitag
  • Gene and Jennifer Fridland
  • Greg and Amanda Friedman
  • Friends of the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge
  • Amy Futa Horn
  • Babette Gade
  • Joyce and Roy Gamse
  • Neha Gandhi
  • Douglas A. Gentile
  • Susan Gerngross
  • Daniel Getler
  • Terry and Yvonne Giese
  • David Gilkey
  • Jim and Lucia Gilliland
  • John C. Giuffrida Jr.
  • Julie Gladsjo
  • Glatfelter Co.
  • Horace L. Glenn Jr.
  • Rick and Alice Godfrey
  • Jessica L. Goldberg
  • John Goodhue
  • Michael Gorby, M.D., and Carolyn Salter, M.D.
  • Manuel D. and Laura C. Goty
  • Grace Jones Richardson Trust
  • Robert and Sarah Green
  • In Memory of Steve Greenland
  • Steven and Rebecca Greim
  • Kate Gribskov
  • Jason and Anne-Marie Grim
  • Karen L. Grimmer
  • Glenn D. Haight
  • Christian B. and Rebecca R. Hall
  • Preston Hall
  • Leif C. Halverson
  • Mrs. Frederic C. Hamilton
  • Jerry R. Hansen
  • Lucas D. Hansen
  • Scott and Susan Hareland
  • Gary and Stephanie Hargrave
  • Jessie M. Harris
  • David Harrison and Joyce Millen
  • Dorian Hart
  • Mark A. Hart and Heather K. Hart
  • Peggy J. Harwood
  • Tammy Hawes
  • Sherry S. Hechler
  • Larry T. Hegland
  • B. and Sue Hentschel
  • Jacob Y. Hesterman
  • Mr. Michael Hickman
  • Akiebia Hicks
  • Merrick Hidalgo
  • Selena Hiett
  • Lorraine and Harley Higbie
  • Gordon Hilbun
  • Robert and Cynthia Hillas
  • Timothy H. Hillas
  • Daniel M. Hinkle
  • Alexander Hinz
  • John Hirschi Donor Advised Fund - Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation
  • Robert and Caroline Hoag
  • Steve, Michelle and Madison Hobbs
  • Gretchen J. Hochhausler
  • Randi M. Hoffmann
  • Mary Hoiles
  • William E. Holman
  • Pieter Hondius
  • Stan and Loni Hooley
  • Kevin and Catherine Hoover
  • Andrew Hopkins and Eliza Hirst
  • Wilson Hsieh and Mingqian Huang
  • Fred and Charlotte Hubbell Foundation
  • Brian C. Huberty
  • John Hull and Alana Jane
  • Adam and Patricia Hunninghake
  • Rhonda Hyder and Justin Moats
  • IBM
  • John and Marlene Ingebritson
  • Kenneth and Krisztina Inskeep
  • Interstate Battery Alaska, LLC
  • Gordon M. Jacobsen
  • LouAnn Jacobson and Robert Ball
  • Jim Jansen
  • Jamie S. Jarvis
  • Brian J. Jennings
  • Jake and Carol Jensen
  • Georgia Jeppesen and Skylar Jeppesen Benedict
  • Michael and Elaine Jewett
  • Thad and Suzy Johnson
  • David and Carolyn Johnston
  • Carol and John Kaczmarski
  • Jeannie and Vali Seidler Kahn
  • Eric and Cindy Kalman
  • Anna M. Kamedulski
  • Dale S. Kammerlohr
  • Skyler Kanegi
  • Daniel and Krista Karo
  • Robert S. Katz
  • John L. Keane
  • Elizabeth Keating O'Brien and William Porter O'Brien
  • Keep America Beautiful Inc.
  • Gail E. Kendall
  • Rich and Denise Kerns
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Key
  • Toseef Khan and Tracy Gianotti
  • Michael Kilian Family Charitable Fund
  • Emily Kirsch
  • Kathy Kirschner and Bob Novak
  • Frederic Klein
  • Kleinschmidt Associates
  • Thomas Klitgaard
  • Ralph Knoll and Kim Barber
  • Tony and Susan Knowles
  • Amie Koenig
  • Martin F. Koessel
  • Margaret A. Kohring
  • Robert Korenberg and Barbara Baker
  • Ann McLaughlin Korologos
  • C.J. Kotler
  • Margaret Kratz
  • John Kretchmer
  • David M. Krinsky
  • Bryan and Guadalupe Krol
  • Lee M. Krug
  • Thomas N. Kyle Sr.
  • L-A-D Foundation
  • Eseng Lai
  • Victoria Lai
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Laird Jr.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Lang
  • Norwood and Erna Langdon
  • Robert D. and Esther M. Langley
  • Christina Lasrado
  • Erem Latif
  • Gordon G. Latta
  • Alexander M. and Judith W. Laughlin
  • Law Bank
  • Gordon Lawrence
  • Karen Lawrence
  • Leslie B. Lee
  • Justin J. Leet
  • John M. Legg
  • Douglas Leith
  • Brian M. Leitner
  • William and Christine Lennon
  • Michael and Michelle Leonard
  • Allan and Karen Levine
  • Pete J. Levitas
  • Herbert Ley
  • Tiffany Liao
  • Michael Lidell and Jill Merrill
  • Tami F. Lightfoote
  • Laura Lihon
  • Stan Lin
  • Martha and Carl H. Linder III
  • Kenneth E. Lipson
  • Christopher Little
  • Robert Litzke
  • Jesse and Michelle Lock
  • Peter B. Locke
  • Christine and Dan Long
  • Joseph and Angela LoPresti
  • Beth G. Louie
  • Jim Lovell and Adelle Treakle
  • LSR Fund
  • Sharon Lundahl
  • Charles and Carly Lusky
  • Stuart Lustig
  • Patricia A. Lutz
  • Lyme Forest Fund LP
  • David H. MacDonald and Karen M. Slepicka
  • Susan Mackenzie
  • Grant Macleod
  • Todd Malkin
  • Matthew T. Manolides
  • Michelle A. Manzo
  • James J. and Patricia H. Marino
  • Leslie K. Marsden
  • Sandra Marshall
  • Barry Martin and Lee Nettke-Martin
  • Martel Martinez
  • Pedro and Carol Martinez
  • Mary E. Martinson
  • Mary Kay Inc.
  • Stephanie Mason
  • M. Sheila Merritt & Robert D. Mass Family Fund
  • Arthur J. Matas
  • Isabel B. Maynard
  • Jill Maynard
  • Mark D. McBride
  • Tim and Marcia McBride
  • Donald and Alison McCormack
  • Barbara N. McFadyen
  • James W. McFarland
  • James Mcgonigle
  • Katherine A. McKittrick
  • Dennis and Barbara McNeely
  • Ruth C. Mead
  • Amy J. Meeker
  • Brad Meiklejohn
  • Daniel Merced
  • Travis and Karen Meredith
  • Robert E. and Cama C. Merritt
  • Wallace D. Mersereau
  • John C. Meyer
  • Erik and Claire Meyers
  • David Michelson
  • Ellen V. Miller
  • Jeffrey D. Miller
  • Michael and Kelley Mills
  • Hasan and Beena Patel Minhaj
  • Carol Mockensturm Haas Family Fund
  • Jonathan Moore
  • William and Mary Moore
  • Andrea and Matthew Morrison
  • Elizabeth Morrison
  • Jim Morrison
  • Michael and Mary Morrow
  • Eric Morse
  • Bruno J. Moschetta
  • Sean and Eleanor Mossman
  • Mountain Mamas
  • James H. and Shauna S. Muhl
  • John and Cheryl Muhr
  • Munchery Inc.
  • Deron and Xenia Murphy
  • Robin and Mary Murphy
  • Gabriel Murray
  • Marcie and Robert Musser Advised Fund at Aspen Community Foundation
  • Paul Nagai
  • Carol R. Namkoong
  • David H. Nance
  • Judith Naumburg
  • Ron and Monica Nawojczyk
  • Jim and Mary Neal
  • Amanda L. Nelson
  • Mark C. Nelson
  • New Belgium Brewing Co.
  • Rosie Newton
  • Michael C. Nienhaus
  • Nitorum Capital
  • Kevin M. Noall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Noonan
  • Theodore and Karen Northup
  • Nuclear Energy Institute
  • John Nunes
  • Constance Nutt
  • Ocean Ledges Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Daniel O'Connell
  • James and Linda Odom
  • Greg F. Ohanesian and Judy L. McLaughlin
  • George L. Ohrstrom II
  • Karen S. Oles
  • Todd Oman
  • The Orvis Company Inc.
  • Catherine Otten
  • Carlton and Brenda Owen
  • John Owens and Karen Sundback
  • Benjamin Paar
  • Jacqueline Page
  • Noreen J. Parrett
  • Wurzel Parsons-Keir
  • Martha J. Pastore
  • Jeff and Annette Patterson
  • Marguerite Paul
  • Lisa J. Peerson
  • Robert C. Penney and Henry D. Penney
  • Pentair Aquatic Systems Inc.
  • Joseph and Laurie Perkins
  • Janet E. Peters
  • Patrick Peters
  • Hilary Peterson
  • Philip R. Pfeifer
  • Anthony and Ruth Pfister
  • Eve G. Phelps
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • The Philip Devon Family Foundation Inc.
  • Parker Phillips
  • DeVesco R. Pierre
  • Andrey Polonsky
  • Richard and Emma Pompetti
  • Allan and Peggy Port
  • Prairie Foundation
  • Pranger Enterprises Inc.
  • The Prentice Foundation Inc.
  • Martin and Elizabeth Presler-Marshall
  • Robert and Ellie Primeau
  • Premiere TV Inc.
  • Hillrie Quin
  • Edward and Meghan Quinn
  • Mitchell and Kathy Racoosin
  • Daniel and Margaret Raguse
  • Rain Proof Roofing
  • Ed Rasmuson
  • Gregory and Sandy Rasp
  • Daniel Ratner
  • Howard Rauch
  • Gordon R. Ray
  • Robert Reagan
  • Margaret M. Poncin Reeves
  • Mark and Julie Reeves
  • Lisa Regul and Rand Hawkins
  • Jay H. Reiziss
  • Stuart Rench
  • Sandy and James Ressler
  • John D. Richardson
  • Gage Morgan Richert
  • Barbara J. Richmon
  • Ariel L. Rideout
  • Bill Riffle and Ruann Ernst
  • Julie and Richard Rimer
  • Don and Laura Ripple
  • Cornelia W. Ritchie
  • Richard and Juanita Ritland
  • Riverence LLC
  • Riverview Plantation Inc.
  • Stephen and Lisa Robertson
  • Carmie and Claire Robinson
  • Jeffrey Rodgers and Meghan Boettcher
  • Pamela A. Roeming
  • William P. and Lynne M. Rogers
  • Xiaoqing Rong-Mullins
  • Michael and Melissa Rooney
  • Rachel S. Rosen
  • Robert Rothhouse
  • Rouse Family Foundation
  • Philip Ruedi
  • Carole Rush and Richard Andler
  • Michael and Avery Sadoff
  • James Safranek and Julie Leader
  • Mikki Sager
  • Nicolai and Ezmeralda Sager
  • Hunter and Karen Saklad
  • Barbara Saltzman
  • Joshua M. Sandberg
  • Mary Sanger
  • Shivram K. Sankar
  • Jon Schairbaum and Amy Askins
  • Jerald and Nancy Schilling
  • Kyle Schmiel
  • Jeffrey Schriber
  • Porter and Laurisa Schutt
  • Derek Scott
  • Martin E. Segal
  • Larry and Rossi Selzer
  • Charles B. and Mary R. Sethness
  • Julie and Cliff Shackelford
  • David Shapiro
  • Karen E. Shaver
  • Gilbert and Judy Shelton
  • Claudia Sheppard
  • Mark M. Shimizu
  • Michael and Madge Silverman
  • Sarah Sinha
  • Adam M. Sirvinskas
  • Skretting
  • James S. Sligar and Diana M. Sattelberger
  • Todd A. Sloggett
  • Samuel M. Smart
  • E. LaVerne Smith and Rick Trois
  • Kristofer Smith
  • William R. and Barbara A. Snell
  • Archana Sodha
  • Alison and James Soldano
  • Olivia A. Solomon
  • Gene and Peggy Somoza
  • James C. and Marua F. Speiser
  • Stuart Spigel
  • Springwood Property Co.
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  • Daniel Standish and Melanie Dorsey
  • William and Jean Stanhagen
  • Stanhagen Consulting LLC
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  • Sherry L. Samuels and Aviva S. Starr
  • Rebecca Stecker
  • Robert P. Stockman
  • Stofnfiskur
  • Parker L. Storey and Melissa Kimbrell
  • John and Suzanne Strawbridge
  • Laura J. Strelitz
  • Benjamin A. and Kristine J. Stringer
  • Connie Strobbe and Carter De Werd
  • Barry and Cindy Stubbs
  • Stephen C. Stubbs
  • Marie J. Sullivan
  • Timothy Sullivan
  • Sumner Gerard Foundation
  • David A. Surrey
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Carol Swarts
  • Amy and Jeff Swartz
  • Mrs. Thomas E. Taplin
  • David R. Thiemann
  • Thomas Sprigg Wootton High School
  • Ken and Pat Thompson
  • Jill Long Thompson and Don Thompson
  • Steve and Renee Thompson
  • William Thompson
  • Bart and Deborah Thomsen
  • Presley Tibbetts
  • Grady A. Tibboel
  • Stephen and Linda Tillinghast
  • Cameron Tomele
  • Skipper Tonsmeire
  • Loren Toolajian
  • Richard H. Torovsky Jr.
  • Michael L. Trancynger
  • Christine Trapnell
  • C. Gabriel Traupman
  • Dr. Patricia Troncoso and Dr. William Pugh
  • Jay and Sharon Trotta
  • Megan and Ben Tsai
  • Rebecca Tucker
  • Tara N. Tuominen
  • John and Mary Kay Turner
  • Daniel and Bridget Unger
  • United Way of Snohomish County
  • Kathryn Utter
  • Theodore Van Belle and Sasha Vivelo
  • Daniel D. Van Denburgh
  • Ryan VanDoren
  • Rick J. Van Enige
  • Laura Alida Van Every
  • Lyle Varnell
  • Vonnie J. Varner
  • Veolia Water Technologies
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  • Phuc Vinh
  • Vishal Foundation
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  • Jon Wagenseller
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  • Rick Weyerhaeuser and Anne C. Brewster
  • Tanner Whitcomb
  • Andrew W. White
  • Dale and Ila Wiersma
  • James and Raylene Wilborn
  • Sonja Wilder
  • Rachel A. Wilkinson
  • Brent S. Wille
  • William C. & Joyce C. O'Neil Charitable Trust
  • William Howard Flowers Jr. Foundation Inc.
  • Margaret D. Williams
  • Wendy S. Williams
  • Julia and Matt Wills
  • John and Ashley Wilson
  • Marillyn B. Wilson
  • Jay and Louisa Winthrop
  • Wittwer Family Foundation Inc.
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  • The Woods Foundation
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  • Susan and David Work
  • World Travel Inc.
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  • Scott and Aloha Wyse
  • Tom F. Yohe
  • Joshua Yoselevsky
  • Anne Yoshizawa
  • Chris and Lisa Young
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  • Catherine M. Zammito
  • Robert M. Zanger and Joan F. Bohlen
  • Jeffrey Zarbo
  • Imran and Jacqueline Zoberi
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  • Roberta Zwier