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© Amanda O'Donoughue
Chairman and President

Redefining Conservation


It’s in our name, and it’s what we do. What is conservation exactly? For many it evokes beautiful landscapes, pristine rivers and forests teeming with wildlife. True enough; that’s a common image of conservation. But that depiction at times leaves out one essential element—the relationship between human society and our land and natural resources.

This crucial intersection is where The Conservation Fund makes a difference. We were founded on a simple but enduring principle—that environmental protection and economic vitality are inseparable. In fact, they are mutually reinforcing, and every aspect of our work reflects this resolve.

At the Fund, we demonstrate how the tools of the marketplace and conservation solutions—two powerful forces—work best together. Our team—a lean and talented group spread across more than 30 states—pursues this passion by innovating and finding solutions that are purpose-built for the way the world works.

We are dedicated to the proposal that every American is a conservationist, and we engage people from every walk of life in protecting our land, water and wildlife. There are multiple benefits when more Americans participate in conservation, resulting in more vibrant communities.

This report portrays a sampling of our many accomplishments in 2014—our 29th consecutive year of growth since our founding. We hope you will appreciate how the Fund practices conservation in many ways. One example is our Working Forest Fund, which keeps large-scale tracts intact while creating jobs and supporting communities. In fact, the paper used in this annual report is from sustainably managed working forests.

Our achievements reflect our drive to get ahead of emerging patterns in markets, technology and culture to create solutions that make sense for people and for their communities. In doing so, we believe the Fund has played a leading role in reimagining and redefining conservation to be effective today and tomorrow.

As you read this, The Conservation Fund is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We look back on these three decades and see that our work from 15, 20 and 30 years ago is benefiting a new generation of Americans.

As the Fund enters its next decade, we are confident our work will be making a difference 15, 20 and 30 years from today. Read on and get acquainted with who we are and why we do what we do. Find out how conservation works for America.


  • Lawrence A. Selzer, President
    Lawrence A. Selzer, President
  • R. Michael Leonard, Chairman
    R. Michael Leonard, Chairman

Our Vision

The Conservation Fund works at the intersection of conservation and community— we believe that environmental protection and economic vitality are inseparable.

Conservation Working for America

  • bike

    Most authentic town in America

    is the title recently given to Grand Lake, CO, one of four gateway communities where our Conservation Leadership Network led a two-year initiative to strengthen livability and help local economies benefit from their world-class outdoor recreation opportunities.Read More
  • fish

    93% of the United States' edible seafood

    supply is imported. Our Freshwater Institute grows fish on land in closed containment water recirculation systems. By advancing the science and technology of aquaculture, we are creating a path to more sustainable U.S. seafood.Read More
  • cat

    Over 7,000 acres

    of protected land was added to Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge in Texas to expand critical habitat for the remaining 50 ocelots in the United States.Read More
  • people

    $3.1 million in small grants awarded

    by our Resourceful Communities program—supporting more than 1,000 jobs and providing a $12 to $1 return on investment in community solutions.Read More
  • california

    More than 74,000 acres

    of working redwood forestland on California's North Coast are owned, managed and protected by the Fund. These intact and invaluable ecosystems contribute approximately $4 million to the local economy each year.Read More
  • moneybag

    $130 million

    in bridge financing has been invested to date through our Land Conservation Loans to more than 130 local land conservation groups, protecting 110,000 acres in 34 states—land valued in excess of a quarter of a billion dollars.blank
  • tree

    1 million

    U-Haul® customers donated to Go Zero®, helping us protect forests, build parks and plant more than 397,000 trees to date.Read More
  • train

    CSX and
    The Conservation Fund

    launched a grant program to help food distributors in 23 states enhance their delivery capabilities to farmers markets and communities in need. Together, they will be able to collect over 4 million pounds of food and serve 3.5 million more meals to an additional 130,000 people. Farmers markets enable efficient use of agricultural resources, and for every $10 spent at a farmers market, $7 stays in the local economy.Read More
  • solarpanels

    Over 2,700 jobs

    have been created or retained to date for more than 140 businesses through our Natural Capital Investment Fund, which provides loan capital and technical support to help small, nature-based companies grow in sustainable ways. The Fund supports innovative entrepreneurs and market-based solutions that bridge the gap between the economy and the environment.Read More
  • farm

    4,500 acres of active farmland

    and open space has been saved through our Ann Arbor Greenbelt Initiative—a voter-approved tax levy expected to generate $80 million over 30 years for the purchase of land.Read More
  • ribbon


    The Land Trust Accreditation Commission recognized The Fund as an accredited land trust, its highest measure of excellence.Read More
  • arrows

    Every $1 million

    invested in our Revolving Fund has conserved more than $25 million of land—a return on investment that cannot be matched.Read More

2014 Highlights

Click on the photos below to explore our work in 2014.
Saving the Ocelot
Paddling Through History
Sowing Community Seeds
17,351 Pristine Acres in TX
Battling Food Deserts
A Los Angeles Treasure
A Monument of Biodiversity
Protecting Special Places from Development
Outdoor Recreation Paradise
Protecting our land and water resources is the highest and best use of nature’s gifts to us, and when we act with conservation as our first priority, we find many more people enjoy multiple long-term benefits.”
Lawrence A. Selzer
Public Nature Preserve
One Million Donations!
Making a Big Splash
Helping Gateway Communities
20,000 Acres of Working Forest
Greening Ann Arbor
Honoring History
Protecting Sensitive Habitat
Greening Small Businesses
Preserving Yellowstone
A Birder's Paradise
Mitigating for Bird Habitat
Preserving Working Forests
Conserving Historical Lands
Family Forestry
Protecting Northeastern Forests
Protecting Colorado Ranchlands
Sacred Alaskan Lands
Improving Food Access
A New Vision for the Gulf

What Conservation Means To Us

Hear the stories and meet the people who make conservation happen. Click on the photos below to learn what conservation means to them.

Laguna Atascosa

by Jena Thompson Meredith
laguna atascosa

Fundraising for Our Forests

by Wendy Taylor
Fundraising for Our Forests

Dollars and Sense

by David Phillips
interview with cfo

Conetoe Family Life Center

by Mikki Sager
conetoe family life center

Good Earth State Park

by Clint Miller
good earth state park

Sax-Zim Bog

by Steve Hobbs
sax zim bog

Why We Grow Fish On Land

by Steve Summerfelt
Freshwater Institute

Boston Public Market

by Ole Amundsen
Boston Public Market
The Conservation Fund
has saved over
7.5 million acres

How Big is 7.5 Million Acres?


From Our CFO

2014 was another terrific year for The Conservation Fund—one of our most productive ever. We remain well positioned and on solid financial footing moving into 2015 and beyond. Our strategy of value creation and capital preservation puts us in the top of our field in terms of Balance Sheet strength, mission efficiency and effectiveness, and year-over-year growth.

We work in real time with a keen focus on execution while building strong relationships and trust. Our staff around the country entered the conservation field with a variety of skills and backgrounds, and it’s through our collaborative efforts that we consistently gain traction and prove our effectiveness.

Being a market leader comes with its own set of challenges. We must keep innovating and looking ahead at what's to come—not simply relying  on what has proven successful in the past. We understand this dynamic, and work hard to diversify our revenue stream—attracting a new base of donors, and implementing strategic direction throughout our business plan.

We are actively investing in the careers of our staff at all levels of the organization by prioritizing internal leadership training and succession planning initiatives to prepare the next generation of conservation leaders for success. We know that the best way to make our numbers stronger is to make our people even better, and we are focused on the longevity and continued effectiveness of the organization.

When Pat Noonan, our Chairman Emeritus, founded The Conservation Fund 30 years ago, he built something to last. It’s truly a privilege to carry on that tradition, and I’m humbled to work with such a passionate, bright and energetic staff and Board each and every day to achieve our mission.  We remain your best investment for protecting America’s land and water legacy.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.


David K. Phillips Jr.
Executive Vice President
CFO, Treasurer, CPA

Combined Statement of Activities
And Changes In Net Assets

For the year ended December 31, 2014, with comparative totals for 2013

Support and Revenue 2014 Total 2013 Total
Individual Contributions 10,445,262 12,211,901
Foundation Contributions 28,775,818 12,810,385
Corporate Contributions 1,767,847 2,212,209
Gifts of Land 46,094,229 39,725,976
Other Contributions 965,928 5,165,821
Conservation Land Transactions 86,137,225 44,048,413
Federal and State Grants 28,134,234 24,506,442
Contract Income 7,118,840 5,611,391
Mitigation/Carbon/Timber 16,154,046 5,094,482
Investment/Other Program Income 31,002,266 12,104,190
Total Support and Revenue $256,595,695 $163,491,210

Expenses 2014 Total 2013 Total
Programs 205,714,013 138,781,110
Management and General 2,464,168 2,381,961
Fundraising 1,605,010 1,344,217
Total Expenses $209,783,191 $142,507,288

Change in Net Assets $46,812,504 $20,983,922
 Net Assets, Beginning of Year $509,883,275 $488,899,353
Net Assets, End of Year $556,695,779 $509,883,275

Sources of Funds - 2014

Individual $10,445,262
Foundation $28,775,818
Corporate $1,767,847
Gifts of Land $46,094,229
Other Contributions $965,928
Conservation Land Transactions $86,137,225
Federal and State Grants $28,134,234
Contract Income $7,118,840
Mitigation/Carbon/Timber $16,154,046
Investment and Other Programs $31,002,266
Total $256,595,695

Uses of Funds - 2014

Programs $205,714,013
Management and General $2,464,168
Fundraising $1,605,010
Total $209,783,191


Board of Directors


Chairman of the Board

R. Michael Leonard
North Carolina

Chairman of the Board (2008 - 2014)

J. Rutherford Seydel II

Vice Chairman

John Winthrop Jr.

President and CEO

Lawrence A. Selzer
Kay Kelley Arnold
Charles R. Cherington
Luis de la Garza
Sylvia A. Earle
Stephen A. Elbert
Paul E. Hagen
District of Columbia
G. Wilson Hughes
James A. Joseph
North Carolina
Georgina A. Moreno
Thruston B. Morton III
North Carolina
George A. Ranney Jr.
B. Francis Saul III
Charles Porter Schutt III
Jay F. Wagley
James M. Whitehurst
North Carolina

Chairman Emeritus

Patrick F. Noonan

Director Emeritus

Gilbert M. Grosvenor

Director Emeritus

Kiku H. Hanes

Director Emeritus

In Memory of
Charles R. Jordan


Collectively, our officers have more than 500 years of conservation experience.


Chairman of the Board

R. Michael Leonard

Vice Chairman

John Winthrop Jr.

President and CEO

Lawrence A. Selzer
Richard L. Erdmann
Executive Vice President, General Counsel
David K. Phillips, Jr.
Executive Vice President, CFO, Treasurer, CPA
Alisa E. Borland
Vice President, Development
Holly Cannon
Senior Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Thomas R. Duffus
Vice President, Conservation Aquisition, Midwest Region
Mark W. Elsbree
Senior Vice President, Conservation Aquisition, Western Region
Elizabeth Engle
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Joseph A. Hankins
Vice President and Director of the Freshwater Institute
Kris A. Hoellen
Vice President, Sustainable Programs
Paul F. Hurt
Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
Sydney S. Macy
Senior Vice President, Western Regional Director
Margaret A. McCants
Erik J. Meyers
Vice President
Robin Murphy
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Jodi R. O'Day
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Assistant Secretary
Blaine T. Phillips Jr.
Senior Vice President, Conservation Aquisition, Mid-Atlantic Region
Mikki J. Sager
Vice President and Director of Resourceful Communities
Matthew S. Sexton
Senior Vice President, Conservation Aquisition, Southeastern Region
Evan H. Smith
Vice President, Conservation Ventures
Scott M. Tison
Assistant Secretary
[not pictured]

Beth Ann Burns
Assistant Secretary


National Office

(Arlington, VA)

Sophie L. Bertazzo
Online Content Manager

Alisa Borland
Vice President of Development

Kendra Briechle
Senior Training Associate, Conservation Leadership Network

Beth Ann Burns
Executive Assistant to the Chairman Emeritus

Holly Cannon
Senior Counsel

Tracy L. Carmichael
Senior Network Administrator

Michael Cox

Lily G. Engle
Deputy General Counsel

Richard L. Erdmann
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Joyce Ferrell
Manager, Human Resources and Administration

Whitney Flanagan
Creative Director

Carrie Gombos
Director of Carbon Compliance, Go Zero

Sarah Guidi
Training Specialist, Resourceful Communities and Conservation Leadership Network

Reggie Hall
Director, Land Conservation Loans

Alterra Hetzel
Forest Business Development Manager, Go Zero

Kelly Ingebritson
Senior Representative, Government Relations

Patricia Kelmartin
Assistant Controller

Frances H. Kennedy
Director, Historic Lands Program, Consultant

Gwenith R. Lammers
Major Gifts Manager

Ainsley M. Lockhart
Annual Fund Coordinator

Hazel Mayers

Meg McCants
Conservation Acquisition Department Manager and Secretary to the Board of Directors

Raiza D. McCutchan
Assistant Controller

Erik Meyers
Vice President

Carolyn McCoy
Senior Paralegal

Robin Murphy
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Patrick F. Noonan
Chairman Emeritus

Daisy S. Perez
Staff Accountant

David K. Phillips Jr.
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Kelly M. Reed
Director, Government Relations

Claire Robinette
Senior Major Gifts and Communications Officer

Wendy Sams
Chief Information Officer

Lawrence A. Selzer
President and CEO

Amy Shaw
Conservation Acquisition Assistant

Ann Simonelli
Media Relations Director

Kaitlyn Sipos
Database Specialist

Stacia Stanek
Senior Representative, Government Relations

Rose Survine-Wesley
Human Resources and Administration Coordinator

Wendy Taylor
Director of Strategic Giving

Alexandra Thompson
Development Assistant

Scott M. Tison
Conservation Acquisition Legal Manager

Lesley White-Kayser
Development Systems Manager

Tom Williams
Federal Projects Coordinator, Consultant

Conservation Acquisition Directors

Mark Elsbree
Western Director, Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition

Blaine Phillips
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition

Matthew Sexton
Southeast Regional Director, Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition


Brad A. Meiklejohn
Alaska State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Glenn Elison
Alaska Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Christopher Little
Alaska State Associate, Conservation Acquisition


Chris Kelly
California State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Jena Thompson Meredith
Director, Partnerships and Director, Go Zero

Scott Ferguson
Director of Southern California Programs, Conservation Acquisition

Olivia Fiori
Forest Technician

Jordan Golinkoff
Forest Carbon Analyst

Margery Hoppner

Scott Kelly
Timberlands Manager

Mary D. Mayeda

Holly Newberger
North Coast Program Coordinator

Madison Thomson
Registered Professional Forester


Sydney S. Macy
Senior Vice President and Colorado State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Christine Quinlan
Western Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Thomas T. Macy
Western Representative, Conservation Acquisition, Consultant

Elizabeth Slokar
Office Manager


Blaine Phillips
Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition


Matthew Sexton
Southeast Regional Director, Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition

Lauren Day
Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Todd McNew
Florida Representative, Conservation Acquisition

George Wilson


Andrew Schock
Georgia State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Stacy Funderburke
Southeast Region Assistant; Regional Counsel; and Conservation Acquisition Associate

Shannon Lee
Georgia and Tennessee State Associate, Conservation Acquisition


Mark Elsbree
Western Director, Senior Vice President, Conservation Acquisition


Ray S. Herndon
Director, Central Gulf and Lower Mississippi River Region, Conservation Acquisition


Ginevera Moore
Midwest Region, Conservation Acquisition, Consultant


Thomas Boutureira
New England Field Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Bill Crouch
Maryland State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Jodi R. O’Day
Mid-Atlantic and Midwest Region Vice President and Deputy Counsel

Eileen M. Falatach
Administrative Assistant

Amelia Matthews

Strategic Conservation Planning (MD office)

Ted Weber
Science Manager, Strategic Conservation


Peg Kohring
Midwest Regional Director, Conservation Acquisition

Michael T. Kelly
Director, Great Lakes Office, Conservation Acquisition

Danielle D. Casavant
Senior Major Gifts Officer (Lansing)

Lauri Lindquist
Midwest Office Project Assistant

Ginny Trocchio
Program Manager, Midwest


Thomas Duffus
Vice President, Midwest Region, Conservation Acquisition

Steve Hobbs
Minnesota State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Clint Miller
Midwest Project Director, Conservation Acquisition


Gates Watson
Montana State Director, Conservation Acquisition


Mike Ford
Nevada and Southwest Director, Conservation Acquisition, Consultant

Barry Stubbs
Conservation Acquisition Project Manager, Consultant

New Jersey

Ben Spinelli
New Jersey State Representative, Conservation Acquisition, Consultant

New York

Ole Amundsen
Program Magager, Land Conservation Loans and Strategic Conservation Planning

North Carolina

Bill Holman
North Carolina State Director

Justin Boner
North Carolina Director, Conservation Acquisition

Paul F. Hurt
Deputy General Counsel

Bethany Olmstead
Midwest Conservation Manager, Conservation Acquisition and Working Forest Fund

Renee Williams
Office Manager

Natural Capital Investment Fund (NC Office)

Rick Larson
Senior Vice President and Director of Strategic Initiatives, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Anna Tefft
Senior Vice President and Director of Lending, , Natural Capital Investment Fund

Quinn Coleman
Credit Analyst, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Erika McGilley
Western North Carolina Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Enrique Perez
Marketing and Community Manager, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Resourceful Communities Headquarters (NC)

Mikki Sager
Vice President and Director, Resourceful Communities

Kathleen Marks
Associate Director, Resourceful Communities

Monica McCann
Associate Director, Resourceful Communities

Ricky Bratz
Healthy Eating, Active Living Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Cynthia Brown
Specialist, Resourceful Communities

Ammie Jenkins
Executive Director, Sandhills Family Heritage Association

Jesalyn Keziah
Community Food Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Donna F. Pratt
Event and Project Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Julius Tillery
Food and Farm Field Coordinator, Resourceful Communities

Strategic Conservation Planning, National Headquarters (NC)

William L. Allen
Director, Strategic Conservation Planning

Jazmin Varela
Information Manager, Strategic Conservation Planning

Working Forest Fund, National Headquarters (NC)

Brian Dangler
Director, Working Forest Fund

Trevor Cutsinger
Forest Operations Manager, Working Forest Fund

Buck Vaughan
Manager, Forest Financial Planning and Analysis, Working Forest Fund


Evan H. Smith
Vice President, Conservation Ventures

Tom Pinit
Associate, Conservation Ventures


Kyle Shenk
Pennsylvania Representative, Conservation Acquisition

Megan Zack
Program Associate

South Carolina

Jason Johnson
South Carolina State Director, Conservation Acquisition


Ralph Knoll
Tennessee Representative, Conservation Acquisition


Andy Jones
Texas State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Julie Shackelford
Texas Programs Director, Conservation Acquisition

Julie Covey
Office Manager


Nancy Bell
Vermont and New Hampshire State Director, Conservation Acquisition

West Virginia

Conservation Leadership Network, National Headquarters (WV)

Kris Hoellen
Vice President, Sustainable Programs and Director, Conservation Leadership Network

Katherine Allen
Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network

Margarita Carey
Program Associate, Conservation Leadership Network

Freshwater Institute National Headquarters (WV)

Joseph A. Hankins
Vice President and Director, Freshwater Institute

Laura E. Christianson
Research Agricultural Engineer, Freshwater Institute

Shanen A. Cogan
Facility Operations Assistant, Freshwater Institute

John W. Davidson III
Senior Research Associate, Freshwater Institute

C. Frederick Ford II
Facilities Manager, Freshwater Institute

Susan Glenn
Environmental Chemist, Freshwater Institute

Christopher Good
Director of Aquatic Veterinary Research, Freshwater Institute

Christine Lepine
Research Technician, Freshwater Institute

Travis May
Aquaculture Production Manager, Freshwater Institute

Karen Schroyer
Environmental Laboratory Manager, Freshwater Institute

Michael Schwartz
Senior Environmental Associate, Freshwater Institute

Kata Sharrer
Engineering Technician, Freshwater Institute

Steven Summerfelt
Director of Aquaculture System Research, Freshwater Institute

Brianna Taylor
Environmental Lab Technician, Freshwater Institute

Scott Tsukuda
Director of Operations, Freshwater Institute

Brian Vinci
Director of Environmental Engineering Services, Freshwater Institute

Wendy Wilson
Project Accountant, Freshwater Institute

Natural Capital Investment Fund Headquarters (WV)

Marten Jenkins
President and CEO, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Rosalind L. Black
Senior Accountant, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Robert Keel
Loan Fund Administrator, Natural Capital Investment Fund

David McCann
Central Appalachia Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Kevin O'Connor
West Virginia Business Lender, Natural Capital Investment Fund

Hannah Vargason
Energy Project Manager, Natural Capital Investment Fund


David Grusznski
Program Director, Greenseams Program

Angie Jackson
Project Coordinator, Greenseams Program


Luke Lynch
Wyoming State Director, Conservation Acquisition

Our Supporters

The Conservation Fund gratefully acknowledges the gifts made from the following corporations, foundations, individuals and organizations. With your support, we have saved 7.5 million acres of America’s treasured lands and waterways since 1985.

$1 Million +

  • Anonymous
  • Martha J. Johnson
  • Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
  • National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
  • Richard King Mellon Foundation
  • Fred and Alice Stanback Jr.
  • Vermont Community Foundation
“The Conservation Fund continues to inspire us with a strong commitment to land and water conservation, the dedication to benefit people and communities and a spirit of innovation in making good things happen.”

– Sally Pian and Ira Silverman, Cornerstone Society members

$500,000 - $999,999

  • Anonymous
  • U-Haul International

$100,000 - $499,999

  • The Allerton Foundation
  • Anonymous (2)
  • Anonymous (3)
  • Bay Area Community Foundation
  • BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina Foundation
  • Brunckhorst Foundation
  • The Bunting Family
  • Chesapeake Conservancy
  • Colcom Foundation
  • Conservation Trust for North Carolina
  • CSX Corp.
  • The Dow Chemical Co.
  • EarthShare
  • Ellen Stamler
  • Gilman Ordway 2009 Charitable Lead Trust
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • J. William Warehime Foundation
  • Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust
  • James Annenberg La Vea
  • The Meadows Foundation
  • National Audubon Society
  • Open Space Institute Inc.
  • Shikar Safari Club International Foundation
  • Timothy D. Sweeney
  • Turner Foundation Inc.
  • U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities
  • Wallace Genetic Foundation
  • Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation Inc.

$50,000 - $99,999

  • Anonymous
  • Beaverdale Foundation
  • C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • Dan Huish
  • Dell
  • Fair Play Foundation
  • FAR 4R Research Fund
  • The Fund for Second Nature
  • Greene Township Board of Supervisors
  • The McKnight Foundation
  • Pokagon Fund
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Frank and Mary Yturria

$10,000 - $49,999

  • American Bird Conservancy
  • American Conservation Association
  • David H. Anderson
  • Anonymous (3)
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy
  • Michael and Susan Arneson
  • Bass Pro Shops Inc.
  • Beazley USA Services Inc.
  • Bechtel Group Foundation
  • Riley and Susan Bechtel
  • The Betterment Fund
  • Richard Bergmann and Denise Filakosky
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kenton Randolph Brown
  • Judith M. Buechner
  • Gordon Chaffee and Nancy Kedzierski
  • Charles Reed Cherington and Ashley S. Pettus
  • ConocoPhillips Alaska
  • The Cook Family Foundation
  • Cross Charitable Foundation
  • Dallas and Louise Anderson Foundation
  • Dallas Safari Club
  • The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
  • Phyllis L. Dixon
  • Louisa C. Duemling
  • Todd and Svetlana Esposito
  • Charlotte Fischer
  • Four Cedars Foundation
  • Spencer Frasher
  • George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation
  • Gaiam
“My theory on environmental organizations is that it comes down to the passion of the people who work there more than anything else. I usually ask, ‘Who are the people and are they working on things that I care about?’ When the pieces click, it’s inspiring.”

– Jennifer Morris, Donor, Gates Family Foundation
  • John K. Greene
  • The Gwladys and John Zurlo Charitable Foundation
  • The Hugh Kaul Foundation
  • James and Lauren Whitehurst Family Charitable Trust
  • Jane Smith Turner Foundation
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Edith Jones
  • Land Rover Portland
  • Nicholas Lapham
  • Kurt Leuthold
  • Lux Foundation Inc.
  • Frederick and Judith Mancheski
  • Richard and Shirley McDonald
  • H. Turney McKnight
  • The Merrill Foundation
  • Thruston and Patricia Morton
  • New Jersey Natural Gas
  • The North Face
  • Trevor O'Brien
  • Overhills Foundation
  • John Parker and Easter Maynard
  • The Partnership Foundation
  • Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation
  • Bonnie Pence
  • Pentair Aquatic Systems Inc.
  • Pigeon River Fund
  • Price Philanthropies Foundation
  • Scott Randell
  • David G. Ritchey
  • The Robert P. Rotella Foundation
  • Mr. Olof Röstlund and Dr. Emily B. Röstlund
  • The Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust
  • Marion S. Searle
  • Truman T. Semans
  • Sony Corporation of America
  • Thomas P. Stults
  • Suggs Family Foundation
  • Carl P. Swenson
  • Owen D. and Jennifer B. Thomas
  • TIF Foundation
  • Tim and Karen Hixon Foundation
  • T.L.L. Temple Foundation
  • Trombetta Family Foundation
  • William L. and Linda K. Turner
  • Waste Connection of Alaska
  • Wiancko Charitable Foundation
  • Matt and Margaret Winkler

$5,000 - $9,999

  • Anonymous (3)
  • Aaron Barrett
  • James Bodner and Victoria Greenfield
  • BP Exploration AK Inc.
  • Richard and Darla Bramwell
  • Brown Investment Advisory & Trust Co.
  • Sam and Geanie Callahan
  • John and Holly Cannon
  • Stanley and Susan Casto
  • Chevron Corp.
  • Clayton Fund Inc.
  • Martin Coles and Jay Beard
  • The Community Foundation of Mendocino County Inc.
  • Cox Enterprises Inc.
  • Danem Foundation
  • Ben and Amanda Dillon
  • Direct Energy
  • Thea Duell and Peter Cook
  • Earl and Brenda Shapiro Foundation
  • Marcy and Gene Elsbree
  • Emkay Inc.
  • G2 Foundation
  • A. Gileski
  • Daniel Green
  • Paul Hagen and Christine Jahnke
  • Charlotte M. Hanes
  • Wilson and Nancy Hughes
  • IBM
  • The Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation
  • Leanin' Tree
  • Lyndhurst Foundation
  • Terry and Constance Marbach
  • The MBA-NonProfit Connection
  • MeadWestvaco Corp.
  • Meyer Memorial Trust
  • The Nathan P. Jacobs Foundation
  • The Orvis Co.
  • Park Avenue Charitable Fund
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Pian Silverman Family Foundation
  • Potlatch Corp.
  • Qatalyst Group LP
  • Nathaniel P. Reed
  • Rendle Family Foundation
  • Riverledge Foundation
  • Gary Roberts and Barbara Parish
  • Ruth Covo Family Foundation
  • Satter Foundation
  • Frank and Dawn Saul III
  • SEAT Planners Inc.
  • James and Janna Shennan
  • William R. and Barbara A. Snell
  • Mr. and Mrs. William H. Suter
  • Amelia C. Tate
  • Gale E. Unterberg
  • Walt Disney World Co.
“Thank you for your hard work in preserving and protecting so many beautiful natural spaces in this country! I obviously love The Conservation Fund’s mission, but I appreciate the way it does business for two reasons. First, you keep administrative costs low. And second, you don't constantly hound your donors for more money. These things matter because it means more of our money goes towards the mission. Thank you for doing it the right way!”

– Amanda Boyer, Cornerstone Society member

$1,000 - $4,999

  • Thomas and Cassandra Abeln
  • ABR Inc.
  • Katharine Abraham and Graham Horkley
  • Admiral Real Estate Services Corp.
  • Alaska Interstate Construction
  • William and Tiffany Allen
  • American Ring Travel
  • E.C. Anderson
  • Judith and Roger Anderson
  • Wendy and Dave Andrews
  • Marcia Angle and Mark Trustin
  • Anonymous (17)
  • AON Corp.
  • Ryan Arbogast and Angela Cook
  • Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.
  • Aqua America Inc.
  • Noah Auerhahn
  • Anne H. Averett
  • James B. Baker
  • Sam E. Baker Jr.
  • Ray Baldwin
  • Allison and Daniel Baskes
  • Erin Beber
  • William P. and Debbie M. Becker
  • Roger A. Bell
  • Bella Figura
  • Elizabeth S. Bellamy
  • Paul F. and Henrietta B. Bente
  • David and Nicole Berger
  • Dr. and Mrs. A. David Bernanke
  • Greta and Brad Bertinot
  • Catherine Bettcher and Praveen Dayalu
  • Black Dog Foundation Inc.
  • Duncan and Maria Blair
  • William and Corinne Blakley
  • Robert J. Bocko
  • David Bonderman
  • Karl and Rita Bongarten
  • Robin Boyer
  • Jayson and Mandy Boyers
  • Lisa A. Brenskelle
  • Bristol Bay Native Corp.
  • Dallas L. Broadway
  • Caroline L. Brown
  • Kathryn Brown
  • Matthew Brown
  • Bruckner and Luzietti Family
  • Jeff A. Byer
  • Thomas D. Cabot Jr.
  • Rosemarie Carbino
  • Isabel Q. Carey
  • Carl Family Foundation
  • David K. Carrington
  • Danielle Casavant
  • Castilaw Environmental Services LLC
  • Gregory F. Chapados
  • Eric and Suzanne Cheek
  • Christofer Chiappa and Keila Blanco
  • Norm and Portia Christensen
  • Ray and Marian Christensen
  • William Chudd and Gretchen Hoffmann
  • Dumont Clarke and Shirley Linn
  • Cockrell Family Fund
  • Linda Benedict Colvin
  • Steven and Karen Compton
  • Charlotte Cook
  • Gina M. Cornick
  • Gregory and Mary Jo Cote
  • Peter C. Crary
  • CRC Insurance Services Inc.
  • Karen Crennan and Allen Toman
  • Bea Cromwell
  • Leslie and Ed Cronin
  • Christian Crowley
  • Scott and Renae Croy
  • Dr. and Mrs. Richard Culatta
  • Daffys Foundation
  • Judy Danish
  • Gail Danto and Arthur Roffey
  • Pilar and Lew Davies
  • Christopher Daywalt
  • Max de La Bruyere
  • Luis A. de la Garza
  • Cristian and Valentina de Ritis
  • John W. DeVore
  • Henry L. Diamond
  • The Dickson Foundation Inc.
  • Kay M. Diederich
  • Ruth L. Dix
  • Drummond Co.
  • Robert W. Duckles
  • Duke Energy Corp.
  • Jerry and Nancy Duncan
  • Ronald A. Duncan
  • Noel and Shelby Dunivant
  • Sylvia A. Earle
  • Walt Ebell and Dianna Gentry
  • Ecosystem Investment Partners LLC
  • David Edelson
  • Teon E. Edwards
  • E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.
  • Ariella Eisen
  • William C. Eisenhauer
  • Stephen and Marilyn Elbert
  • Glenn and Denice Elison
  • Jeffrey H. and Sheridan L. Ellis
  • Tom and Kate Ellis
  • Kipp Ellsworth
  • Hamilton and Lillian Emmons
  • Environmental Systems Research Institute Inc.
  • EOS Foundation
  • Brian and Marie Epstein
  • Richard L. Erdmann and Dawn MacPhee
  • Erna and Isaac Stern Foundation, Inc.
  • Thomas A. Everitt
  • William B. Fagan
  • Fanwood Foundation\West
  • Douglas Farrell
  • Laura S. Faulconer
  • Nathan Faulkner and Julia Burdick
  • Bert A. Feliksik
  • Gary M. Felker
  • Carol Fendler
  • George and Rita Fenwick
  • Paul Feuerborn and Family
  • John and Fei Fisher
  • Thomas M. and Barbara C. Florack
  • Forest Investment Associates
  • Forestar Real Estate Group
  • Fred and Charlotte Hubbell Foundation
  • Frederic C. Hamilton Family Foundation
  • Mark Freitag
  • The French Foundation
  • Greg and Amanda Friedman
  • James and Lynn Frierson
  • G. William Walker Charitable Trust
  • Roy and Joyce Gamse
  • Neha Gandhi
  • Carlos Garcia
  • Gathering Waters Conservancy Inc.
  • Joseph Geierman
  • Georgia Power Co.
  • Gilbert-Wroten Fund
  • Jim and Lucia Gilliland
  • John C. Giuffrida Jr.
  • GIV Mobile
  • Glatfelter Co.
  • Rick and Alice Godfrey
  • Karen Godoy
  • Goetze's Candy Co.
  • Nancy Gold
  • Ethan Goodman
  • Google
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gorton
  • Gottstein Family Foundation
  • The Grace Jones Richardson Trust
  • Gary R. Grainger
  • Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Grant III
  • David Gray
  • Steve Greenland, In Memory Of
  • James T. Guion
  • Mary Lou Guttmann
  • Preston Hall
  • John W. Hanes Jr. and Elizabeth M. Hanes
  • Joseph A. and Virginia S. Hankins
  • Sue Hanley
  • Lucas D. Hansen
  • J.D. and Dee Harris
  • Jessie M. Harris
  • David Harrison and Joyce Millen
  • Louis Hewett
  • Troy J. Hickman
  • Selena Hiett
  • Lorraine and Harley Higbie
  • Gordon Hilbun
  • William and Barbara Hildreth
  • Daniel M. Hinkle
  • Alexander Hinz
  • Robert and Caroline Hoag
  • Hobe Sound Land Co.
  • William E. Holman
  • Pieter Hondius
  • Stan and Loni Hooley
  • Andrew Hopkins and Eliza Hirst
  • Amy Futa Horn
  • Nina Rodale Houghton
  • Anita and John Howell
  • Wilson Hsieh and Mingqian Huang
  • Adam and Patricia Hunninghake
  • Rhonda Hyder and Justin Moats
  • Robert S. Hyslop
  • Stephanie and Mike Iacovelli
  • Kenneth and Krisztina Inskeep
  • Scott D. Izzo
  • Jim Jansen
  • Jamie Jarvis
  • David Jenkins
  • Julie Jensen
  • John Hirschi Donor Advised Fund - Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation
  • Charles T. Johnson
  • Thad and Suzy Johnson
  • David and Carolyn Johnston
  • The Julian Price Family Foundation
  • Bharat Kalyanpur
  • Dale S. Kammerlohr
  • Robert S. Katz
  • Richard and Mary Kelly
  • Frances Kennedy
  • Rich and Denise Kerns
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Key
  • Ronald Khouw
  • Adam J. Klein
  • Ralph Knoll
  • Tony and Susan Knowles
  • Martin Koessel
  • Margaret A. Kohring
  • Ann McLaughlin Korologos
  • Alexandra Krauss
  • Bryan and Guadalupe Krol
  • Dennis R. LaCroix
  • Eseng Lai
  • Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Lang
  • Robert and Esther Langley
  • Randall W. Larrimore
  • Alexander M. and Judith W. Laughlin
  • Ruth and Christopher Lawler
  • Eric Lee
  • Leslie Lee
  • John M. Legg
  • Douglas Leith
  • William and Kristine Lennon
  • Leonard and Elaine Silverstein Family Foundation
  • Travis Liles
  • Carl and Martha Lindner
  • Peter B. Locke
  • Lockton Management LLC
  • Christine and Dan Long
  • Louden Family Foundation
  • Jennifer and Jason Love
  • John and Mary Lowber
  • Charles and Carly Lusky
  • Lyme Forest Fund L.P.
  • Barry M. Lyon
  • Nancy C. Magnusson
  • Paul and Diane Makley
  • Randall P. Mariger
  • Marsh & McLennan
  • John and Mary Marshall
  • Barry Martin and Lee Nettke-Martin
  • Mary Kay Inc.
  • Stephanie Mason
  • Helen F. Mathieson
  • Mattlin Foundation
  • Scott and Kristen Mayer
  • Mark D. McBride
  • Tim and Marcia McBride
  • Charles and Carol McCullough
  • Patrick McGee
  • Marc C. McGeever
  • Katherine A. McKittrick
  • George Mead and Susan Feith Mead
  • Travis and Karen Meredith
  • Robert E. and Camma C. Merritt
  • Meshewa Farm Foundation
  • Erik and Claire Meyers
  • Melvin H. Miller
  • Linda Mills
  • Monsanto Co.
  • Jason Moore
  • Georgina A. Moreno
  • Andrea and Matthew Morrison
  • Jim Morrison
  • Bruno J. Moschetta
  • Munchery Inc.
  • Michael R. Munsell
  • Marcie and Robert Musser
  • Bonnie and Bill Neely
  • Network For Good
  • Aileen Nicoletti
  • Tim and Ann Niednagel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Patrick F. Noonan
  • Howard Norowitz
  • Ron and Rose Novak
  • Leslie J. Novick
  • Sarah and Jed Nussdorf
  • Ocean Ledges Fund of the Maine Community Foundation
  • Daniel O'Connell
  • Christine Ogata
  • Karen S. Oles
  • Randy Olsen
  • Mr. and Mrs. George D. O'Neill
  • Charles J. Orella
  • Carlton Owen
  • Jacqueline Page
  • Jeffrey and Annette Patterson
  • Peak Oilfield Service Co.
  • Michael K. Pena
  • Bret and Rebecca Perisho
  • Bob and Janet Petersen
  • Robert C. Petterson Jr.
  • Prairie Foundation
  • Premiere TV Inc.
  • Robert and Ellen Primeau
  • Peter Przybylinski
  • Quam Bonum In Unum Habitare Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
  • Edward and Meghan Quinn
  • Mitchell and Kathy Racoosin
  • Julie M. Ralph
  • Victoria and George Ranney
  • Ed Rasmuson
  • Gregory and Sandy Rasp
  • Daniel Ratner
  • Jacqueline Ratner
  • Red Bay Stronghold Foundation
  • Lisa Regul and Rand Hawkins
  • Sandy Ressler
  • John D. Richardson
  • Ariel L. Rideout
  • Margaret E. Ringia-Hart
  • Risk Placement Services Inc.
  • Cornelia W. Ritchie
  • Robert J. Ritchie
  • Riverview Plantation Inc.
  • RMF Family Fund
  • Stephen and Lisa Robertson
  • Thomas J. Roche
  • David Rockefeller
  • Nelson A. Rockefeller Jr.
  • Marilyn Rogers
  • Rachel S. Rosen
  • Rosemore, Inc.
  • Robert Rothhouse
  • Carole Rush and Richard Andler
  • Robert O. and Joan E. Rushton
  • Colin Ryan
  • James Safranek and Julie Leader
  • Mikki Sager
  • Hunter and Karen Saklad
  • David and Maryellen Sakura
  • Norman B. Sakura
  • Marty C. Sanders
  • Mary Sanger
  • William and Debra Schultz
  • Porter and Laurisa Schutt
  • The Selfridge Family Foundation
  • Larry and Rossi Selzer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Shelton
  • Sam M. Shine
  • Christina Siva
  • James S. Sligar and Diana M. Sattelberger
  • E. LaVerne Smith and Rick Trois
  • Justin Smith
  • Brian Stagner
  • Stanhagen Consulting LLC
  • William D. Stanhagen
  • Rebecca Stecker
  • Robert P. Stockman
  • Troy and Lisa St. Onge
  • Connie Strobbe and Carter De Werd
  • Barry and Cindy Stubbs
  • Louise and Trent Stumph
  • Sumner Gerard Foundation
  • David A. Surrey
  • Sustainable Forestry Initiative
  • Carol Swarts
  • Joseph H. Swartz
  • Jack C. Sweeny
  • Don Swenholt and Kristina Harper
  • Mrs. Thomas E. Taplin
  • Ken and Pat Thompson
  • Steve and Renée Thompson
  • William Thompson
  • Eric and Georgia Thu
  • Stephen and Linda Tillinghast
  • Kit Tilly
  • Toe River Club LLC
  • Cameron Tomele
  • Thomas Tracy
  • Michael L. Trancynger
  • C. Gabriel Traupman
  • Janet H. Triplett
  • Patricia Troncoso and William Pugh
  • Tuma Family Trust
  • John and Mary Kay Turner
  • Daniel and Bridget Unger
  • Dave Vermeulen
  • Vulcan Materials Co.
  • David and Ellen Wagner
  • Jaclyn and Christopher Wahlers
  • Wahoos Family Foundation
  • Denise and Michael Walker
  • Scott A. Wallace
  • Debra Wanger
  • Diane and Mark Warren
  • Susan and Michael Watson
  • Bo Wei
  • Georgia E. Welles
  • Dewey W. Wells
  • Lucy A. Weston
  • Rick Weyerhaeuser and Anne C. Brewster
  • Dale and Ila Wiersma
  • Mr. and Mrs. James and Raylene Wilborn
  • Rachel A. Wilkinson
  • William C. and Joyce C. O'Neil Charitable Trust
  • Wendy S. Williams
  • Julia and Matthew Wills
  • Richard and Terri Wojahn
  • Albert and Michele Woodroof
  • Samuel Woodworth
  • William J. and Denise L. Wozencraft
  • Scott and Aloha Wyse
  • Dawn W. Yamada
  • Dee and David Yowell
  • Zions Management Services Co.